Friday, July 22, 2022

It Will (Once Again) Shock You How Much It Never Happened

I'm shamelessly recycling the title of a post I did eight years ago because absolutely nothing has fundamentally changed about the depravity of the GOP or the cowardice and complicity of the media.  

To longtime readers, this assay of the state of the GOP base should sound depressingly familiar.  From me, 16 years ago:

In five years, having voted for Bush will have become the parachute pants of this decade.

It will become the “Oh my GOD. What the fuck was I thinking?” shameful secret people will occasionally and elliptically allude to by piping up with, “well, he did good after 9/11” as schoolchildren are taught what a disaster on every front and by every measure he was, and as adults who now have to pay and pay dearly for the myriad lies and crimes and follies of George W. Bush recount his Top 100 Fuckups and bitterly laugh and laugh and laugh.

The two things I got wrong way back then were the result of the cheery optimism of my younger self: it didn't take anywhere near five years for the GOP and the media to bulldoze the Bush administration down the memory hole, and the erasure and denial was so thoroughgoing that I don't think schoolchildren are taught much of anything about that period. 

On the other hand, some of us adult still laugh bitterly about.

The eradication and revision of recent Republican political history is going to be a little more complicated this time around since, unlike Bush, Trump has no intention of quietly slinking offstage and taking up a new career as a shitty painter.  But you can rest assured that titanic media, financial and political forces are quietly aligning to move Trump far enough out of the limelight so that a newly upgraded Bush-Off Machine can be wheeled out to do its terrible work.  In fact, an early, upscale prototype of the Trump-Off Machine has already been in successful operation since 2016:

...The elite watched helpless as their base ran away
As the mob they had made backed Trump all the way.
They wanted a Wall and to settle their grudges
And tax cuts for the rich and lunatic judges.
Nothing really mattered because facts weren't real
And if you don't like it, well fuck you how feel!

This made Righty elites look like ignorant tools
Their smug windbagging sound like the bluster of fools.
They were stripped of their titles and their media gigs
So far out of favor they might as well have been Whigs.
But the worst of it all? The knife to the heart?
Was the god damn Left had been right from the start.

The Right-Belly elite were in a full-blown panic
How could they have failed on a scale so titanic?
For years they'd been paid for being righteous and shrewd, 
For mocking the Left-Bellies as alarmist and rude.
Now their Right-Belly tats made them look shithouse-rat-nuts
Their own words had damned them, no "ands", "ifs" or "buts".

Then out of cold storage rolled their route to salvation
(A device kept on hand for just this occasion.)
Of course the Bush-Off Machine needed an updated name;
Something to deflect this new source of shame.
So with a little light dusting and a lick of new paint
The Trump-Off Machine began turning sinner to saint.

For the elite of the Right now came ouchless redemption,
And their pasts disappeared with barely a mention. 
Erased were the lies they had told in profusion;
Those grandiose fictions that fed wingnut's delusions.
From the Trump-Off Machine they came unsullied and free
Now the wisest of sages!  And with jobs on teevee!!...

Now all they have to do is scale it up to accommodate the base of the party and all those party "heroes" who happily collaborated with Trump right up until January 6th, who would vote for him again if he were the party's nominee and who really, really want everyone to remember all the "good" things Trump did.  

I'll detail exactly how they'll get away with it in a later post, but the one thing you can count on is that they will get away with it.  


I Am The Liberal Media


Jim from MN said...

"...parachute pants of this decade" gets me every time! Keep up the great writing--you and your work are appreciated.

Robt said...

jan 6 committee hearing ran me out of popcorn.

GOP is going to have to wear a close pin on their nose when they continue to lie about it.

Turns out they is some sort of Karma/ God. Sloppy Steve turns out to be nothing more than a coffee boy on the superior race above the law privileged list.

They say he was "found" guilty. Which I think he naturally stumbles into his crimes for guilt.

Not sure how he podcast fundraises in prison off it.
But wait, Sloppy Steven has not been sentenced as yet.
Will he be treated like if you or I refused a subpoenas. Or will he get the elite sentencing like probation, a week at the Federal Hilton?

Will there be special allowances in hail for Sloppy to wear 4 shirts.

I want AG Garland to know, I am available for jury duty or sitting on an indictment panel over the Insurrectionist Donald. I have no problem with being bipartisan on all of it.
Impartial Robt is what everyone calls me, Don't believe it? Just ask me, I will tell you it is so.

Dr.BDH said...

President DeSantis will rename the Tampa Airport "Trump International." Floridians will still call it "Tampa" until someone changes it back.

JHB said...

Former Reagan Guy: I've been warning about this for 20 years, but liberals ignored me!

Liberals: We were 10 years ahead of you, and we got treated like shit for it from the centrists.

FRG: The Left has always thought the Right were fascists, so they didn't notice when the Right started stage-winking that it was true.

Ls: How did we get from "Liberals" to "The Left"? Some overlap, but not the same thing, unless you're making the same mistake as the centrists, in addition to their mistake of not noticing what the Right was doing.

FRG: But the Democrats...

Ls: So now its the Democrats who are "The Left"? If "Democrats" and "Liberals" and "The Left" are all so jumbled up in your head that you can't clearly distinguish between them, is it really surprising they didn't pay attention to you?

I grew up in a conservative household. Not a single part of that exchange and the obtuseness on display surprised me. That hate-liberals habit is one they will never give up. As bad as the intransigent super-lefties he imagines everybody to his left to be. Oy.

Robt said...

Not to worry, Everything that is not right is Left, Liberal, Communist, Maoist, Hippie, Socialist, Democ-"rats", Squishy RINOS and diluted moderate/ centrists who are not fascist and will not vote to overturn the vote of the American people.

When they say they are devote religious righters they are telling you they are sinning against putting other idols and Icons above their God.

They have no closely held religious beliefs because they are superseded to the ideology to their political party which will worship a man so much to allow him to violate any law. If he can violate law, so too they can.
That they would sell out their representation to their constituents to the highest bidder. Where greed has priority.

Democrat, Liberal or be it the left, are all trigger words pumped into the skulls Rush said for 30 years were full of mush. When actually he filled those skulls with mush.
But the are trigger words to their Zombie hordes.

Their straw man to stick pins in instead of who they are and what they do or plan to do. It is the go to. But what about what the Liberals do? No one asks them what they think about libs or Dems or the cleft.
In the baseball analogy, it is that change up that floats up to the tee at the plate and ends up flying over the fence. But it was a great pitch announcer for the team will say It was just more a magnificent swing of the batter.

It can't be the pitcher you see for he is on your team.

Robt said...

By the way. It does not surprise me that 13% of GOP do not use ?insurrection" in regards to J6.

For one, it is a long word with too many vowels.

They do not understand what it means and , they are not going to admit their guilt.