Friday, June 18, 2021

Eventually Everyone Goes Full Driftglass

4 Sale: One Big Tent. Slightly Used. 

Thanks to Alert Reader Avi for pointing out this Thom Hartmann headline from Wednesday:

One of them has to go: The GOP or America as we know it

Which pairs nicely with this thing I wrote [check notes] more than 15 years ago:

Because in the Dubya Era a person can be a Good American, or a Good Republican, but they can no longer be both.

And also with this from 2010, "Between The Devil and the Deep Blue Left" : a title which, I must say, still holds up depressingly well:

Obama must let go of a central pillar of his identity and embrace the brutal fact that our modern house divided against itself cannot stand.

That we cannot endure permanently half-Fox and half-free.

That we will become all one thing, or all the other.

Spoiler:  Obama never did.

And over the following decade and a half I've cribbed from myself again...

Because in the Dubya Era a person can be a Good American, or a Good Republican, but they can no longer be both.

...and again ...

...and again...

...and again...

Because after five years in the Age of Dubya, you get to be either a Good Republican or a Good American, but you can no longer be both. 

...and again...

Everything else, however “true” it may be, is nothing but interesting architectural ornamentation on the brutal reality that, in the Age of Dubya, you can either be a Good American or a Good Republican, but you can no longer be both. 

...and again...

And so what was true in the Age of Bush is still tragically true today:
In these times you can either be a Good American.
Or you can be a Good Republican.
But you can no longer be both.

...and again...

As I have been writing for years
we have come to the place
where one can either be a Good American 
or a Good Republican, 
but one can no longer be both.

Also the graphic at the top of this post?  That one I knocked together 13 years ago.

So I've got that going for me.

Which is nice.

No Half Measures


mahakal said...

The Dubya faction are all NeverTrumpers.

Robt said...

After GWB went off to paint in the shower to release mental tensions.

25 to 30 percent of the GOP continued his worship. Until the next circus evangelical idol came along and condemned the former of all the sins never to be forgiven. preaching the word of hate, fear and anger. So blaming someone for your flat tire that made you late for work is so unfair to you and how special you would be without those people in your way. Holding you back and sabotaging your super human brilliance.
If Trump would have told his worshippers to put a live fish up their ass to cure COVID. The Fish and Game Depts. and Animal control would be underfunded to help.

Mark said...

C'mon man. All the "I told you so" complaining is getting old.

I like you and Blue Gal, but I listen to the Bulwark podcast because it is entertaining and varied. I know they are full of shit sometimes and I know you were right all along. I get that. But you need some new material.



tarantulanebul said...

very validating, driftglass, and well said.

tarantulanebul said...

i may have meant 'vindicating', driftgass, but either works well.
happy fathers' day!

Meremark said...

Yes. Eventually everyone catches up to drifty. It's like the truth is sitting here waiting for them.

C'mon drifty tell some half-truths so those who still have half their brains locked in Lamebrainland can catch up in slow small halfway steps.

Meremark said...

They're gonna need more life jackets.

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