Friday, June 18, 2021

Professional Left Podcast #603

"You never get rich peddling gloom."
-- William Lindsay Gresham

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dinthebeast said...

Happy Juneteenth. Our congressman, Tom the fuck McClintock was one of the fourteen white Republican men who voted against making it a federal holiday.
Barbara Lee, who was instrumental in getting the goddamn AUMF repeal through the house, had family in Galveston back in 1865, so the bill to make Juneteenth a federal holiday was an important, if symbolic event for her. I miss voting for her every other year.
You know, I really like the way Blue Gal reminds us of the racism in the policies being discussed. It reminds me a little of the way William Barber can turn almost any discussion of racism into a discussion of policy.
Our governor is maybe doing better than I expected, but that's not that hard. It wasn't his fault that somebody accosted him in Oakland, although I might point out that Jerry Brown did two terms as mayor there. Would that have kept him from being accosted there? Probably not, but maybe. One of the things you learn from living in Oakland is who to avoid in the name of your safety, and I never found it that difficult.
It is looking like the recall will fail unless he manages to tread upon his own penis again. Really, pulling a 75 billion dollar budget surplus out of prop 13 land during a pandemic is kind of impressive, so maybe I should lighten up on calling him "Gavin Reptile" a bit.
Or not, as it seems to be working so far...
Thank you again for the podcast. Sara has so far completely failed to send me new cat pictures. I act like I've never been lied to before or something. Anyway, should she actually come through with them, I will forward them to you post haste.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Robt said...

Juneteenth and Fathers day. wow.

The GOP who found their way to support Juneteenth does not excuse the rest of their miserable misbehavior . It is like praising a House republican who voted no on impeachments of Trump then being a minority in their party to vote for the Jan 6 Commission knowing the GOP senate will filibuster and obstruct it.

Compare Sen Cruz's big strong presidential campaign words to Trump after denigrating his wife in public.
Then compare Sen. Cruz's tough words of defining Critical Race Theory as Marxist and racist as a Klansman wearing a white Hood.
Cruz has that strong harsh stated words of worthlessness in both episodes.

Scientists have discovered a measured rise in the peak of Bullshit mountain and claim if nothing is done to stop the pile on. It will stick out off the Earth enough to collide with the Moon.
Revisiting Bullshit Mountain ( Cut and Paste).

Robt said...

Press can do more comparison reporting in my book.

Trump issuing Medal of Freedom to restricting freedom promoter Rush Limbaugh
As they vote against awarding Capital police with medal to acknowledged their service.

An inch in height added to Bullshit Mountain.

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