Monday, November 22, 2021

It's Both Siderists All The Way Down

Local David Brooks impressionist has opinions.  

From The Illinois Times:

The missing middle 
Both political parties have moved away from the center 
By Scott Reeder 

If you think you have some vagrant memory of Mr. Reeder being mentioned on this blog before, you remember a'rightly.

From July:

It's Brookses All The Way Down

...Ordinary citizens are limited to one submission every 30 days, with no guarantee that anything of theirs will ever be printed.  And I know for a fact that there are a group of dedicated local wingnuts who submit every month and then immediately start the 30-day countdown clock.  On the other hand, there is no limit to how often a guest columnist can be published, which brings us to SJ-R guest columnist Mr. Scott Reeder, who find his way into the pages of the SJ-R much more frequently than once every 30 days,  and whose tag line reads as follows:

Scott Reeder is a veteran statehouse journalist. He works as a freelance reporter in the Springfield area.

So just some guy, right?  Someone of no particular political or ideological credential, who reported from the statehouse for awhile and now puts his stuff around on a freelance basis.  And who, this week, used his easy access to the pages of the SJ-R to bring to its readers' attention the single gravest problem plaguing America politics today:  The Extremes on Both Sides!!

 And I guarantee you that if you squint your eyes even slightly, you will not be able to distinguish between this column by Mr. Scott Reeder and every single fucking column Mr. David Brooks has written for The New York Times over the nearly 20 years he has been cranking out Both Siderist gruel for the Sulzberger family.

Break out your electron microscope and scan Mr. Reeder's words down to the quantum level and you will not find even a hint that Donald Trump was ever president or that just six months ago Republicans attempted to violently overthrow the  United State government, and came within a hair's breadth of succeeding...

I bring Mr. Reeder to your attention once again  A) because his column deeply offends me and, B) to remind you that there is no getting rid of this Both Siderist shit now.  As I wrote a decade ago, the constant pounding away by the Beltway media on this one Very Big Lie decade after decade has had the desired effect:

Once you start listening for it, you cannot help but notice how the Big Lie of Centrism has seeped into everything and now shows up everywhere

Like Strontium-90 in the milk:

The winds carried Strontium-90, Iodine-129 and other lethal particles across a broad swath of the country. Infants who were bottle-fed, which was then considered the modern approach, were particularly vulnerable to the Strontium-90 that ended up in cows' milk. 
In 1961, as John Kennedy was poised to resume atmospheric testing after a two-year moratorium, he met with White House science adviser Jerome Wiesner in the Oval Office one rainy day. The president wondered how fallout reached the earth. Wiesner explained that it was washed out of the clouds by rain. "You mean," Kennedy asked, "it's in the rain out there?" As Wiesner tells it, the president then "looked out the window, looked very sad and didn't say a word for several minutes." ...
Burn The Lifeboats

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