Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Eleventh Lesson of Rahmses

Longtime readers may recall the The Ten Lessons of Rahmses: your handy index to the complete award-consideration-ready series on the 10 Vital Lessons of Chicago politics as they have existed since the dawn of time.
Lesson One: Elections

Lesson Two: Being Da Boss

Lesson Three: Voters

Lesson Four: Budgets (and how to balance them)

Lesson Five: Fighting Legends

Lesson Six: Enemies

Lesson Seven: Job Stress

Lesson Eight: Employee Morale

Lesson Nine: The Banality of Municipal Gummint

Lesson Ten: Public Service in Chicago
And today, as we mark Rahmses' ignominious exit from the Fifth Floor and the honorable Lori Lightfoot takes the Big Chair --
In Historic First, Lori Lightfoot Inaugurated As Chicago's Mayor

Lori Lightfoot, who won a landslide victory in Chicago's runoff election, was sworn in as mayor on Monday.

Lori Lightfoot officially became Chicago's first black female and openly gay mayor on Monday. She immediately laid out a four-point plan for safety, education, stability and integrity during her 40-minute inauguration speech...
-- we put all that we have learned about the media and privilege and clout accountability into the mighty Blender of Impunity and pour out an Eleventh Lesson, which longtime readers will recognize as the most important lesson of all.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:
Rahm Emanuel becomes contributing editor for The Atlantic

Rahm Emanuel kicked off his post-mayoral career Tuesday by announcing that he is now a contributing editor for The Atlantic.

The former Chicago mayor will contribute frequent essays to The Atlantic’s Ideas section, according to a statement from the publication. The announcement comes one day after Lori Lightfoot was sworn in as Chicago’s next mayor...
And after a political lifetime spent catering to the privileged, what was Rahmses' very first article under his brand new title of contributing editor for The Atlantic? (emphasis added)
Since late October 2018, Emanuel has written 12 articles — 13 overall since June 2017 — for The Atlantic. His most recent, “It’s Time to Hold American Elites Accountable for Their Abuses,” was published Tuesday.
And what does this teach us, kids?  (sing it with me now.)

That there is a Club.

And we are not in it.

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Robt said...

Inciting the late Great George Carlin at the end is a beautiful application of his work .
As I witness the battle of U.S. presidents are above the law as Nixon declared in his power and glory.

If the president is above the law and cannot be held accountable.

Those who perform and follow his orders no matter if they are lawless orders. These "henchmen" are immune from the law as well.

McConnell sees this and an insurance policy from any accountability from his lawless actions. Lindsey Graham a majority judiciary Chair man who has subpoenaed many people he demands Now can "publicly tell those subpoenaed . They may refuse to obey because he says so?.

Indicted GOP member in court for using inside trading with the position he held in congress and the inside information he was entrusted by Americans. Will he walk too?

If the president and his henchmen are exempt from any law. So is Senators and House Representatives.

Abortion ban with 99 year mandatory sentence, Not for them.

Republican party operatives get this immunity. Republican voters?

There are way too many congressional bad actors that need to be removed when they dismiss and break the laws they inflict on others.
We also have people that perhaps have problems casting their vote.
I want a tax cut and I do not care who it harms who has to pay for it. I don't care if the politicians that give me what I want at other peoples expense break any law or moral principal they demand be a hard punishing law place on others to obey.

The wealthy have invested their money well in convincing too many Americans to hate on another and be jealous of the fantastic life of Rielly that the very poor enjoy on food stamps.

They have been at this since FDR. All about tearing it all down.

Just like the ACA, All repeal and no replace.

Hal Rager said...

What the hell, The Atlantic?