Saturday, May 18, 2019

David Brooks Is Now 100% Self-Parodying

Just put a penny  in the slot, wind him up, point him in literally any direction, and his answer to every fucking subject will be, "The Extremes on Both Sides!".

Think I'm kidding?

Here is David Fucking Brooks, professional Abortion Rights Broker, last night on The News Hour talking about which percentage of people believe what on the issue of a woman's right to choose (with emphasis added):

David Brooks:  Should never be legal, 18 percent. Should be legal, which the European solution, which is just legal first trimester, harder the second, 50 percent.

And that 50 or 55 percent has — as Mark says, has been very stable since Roe v. Wade. And — but the problem is, we took it out of politics, so we couldn't get to the moderate position. Now the extremists have taken over both sides.

And everybody is speaking for these extreme position.
You know the drill.


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Andrew Johnston said...

The follow-up in the transcript:

Judy Woodruff: But I was just going to say, right now, it's the restrictive side that is having success in legislature after legislature.

David Brooks: Right. Well, in the red states, yes.

"Both sides are to blame."

"But if you look at what's happening, it's just one side."

"Well, yeah, in place where things are happening."

bowtiejack said...

Fabulous photoshop.
I bow before you. Really.

bowtiejack said...

Oh yeah, "self parody"?

Pagan in repose said...

Men have nothing to say about a woman's right to her body and her decision about abortion. Period, full stop.

When DFB gets pregnant, then he can participate in the discussion, otherwise he can just shove it up bothsides of his ass sideways

Yes, I am a man and we men have a lot to answer for how we have treated women over the millennia. Period, full stop.

Let me say how sorry I am for the gigantosaurs assholes we have been to you over that time.

You have shown more strength, resilience, patience and gutz than most so called tuff guys I've known as well as the everyday clod.

But may I also say that there are many of us men who love and respect you as fellow travelers in the existence called life and seek your wisdom, love, respect and patience to put up with our bullshit from time to time.

Like the saying goes; If men could get pregnant there would be an abortion booth/clinic in every store on the block and one in the back of the church, just in case the stores were closed on Sundays.

Be it rain or sunshine you have my heart and support.

dinthebeast said...

"...but the problem is, we took it out of politics, so we couldn't get to the moderate position."

Well guess what? Elizabeth Warren has just proposed putting it back into those politics by passing a law guaranteeing reproductive healthcare rights to women in all 50 states, which would then become the current law that the Kavanaugh court got to interpret, much to their right wing chagrin.

So 1) do you support her proposal, David? And 2) Hey! White women recently radicalized by these attacks on your bodily autonomy! Here's something you can do about it! Vote for a president and senate that will actually do this.

-Doug in Oakland

Victor said...

Bobo reached the 100% self-parody years ago!

Since then, he's been jumping that shark.

Robt said...

For those who look to DFB for answers. I have only one piece of advice and will have to move on with my life.
Advice, "Why has God forsaken you"?

Robt said...

A humble disparaging question for DFB's both siderisms.

When it comes to God and Satan, Aren't they just two extreme sides wanting their way?

Explain the both sider of Jesus teachings vs everyone else's treatment when it comes to treatment of others.
And, does the Good Sumatran make it an All three sider issue?

There is the flat Earther side and that round Earther side.

How does this exist?
Believers. Atheists and Agnostics?

I challenge DFB's "both sider" as he claims it is a dual thing that numerically a two sided occurrence.

Just religion alone, how many sides are there?

Robt said...

It is one side that is planning an attack on Iran.

Bombing the shit out of them. How many unborn must die in these bombings?

They starve to death pregnant women in Yemen. Iraq death toll is pretty low if you only count Americans.

Maybe Brooks can find the words to bomb Iran with pro life bombs that do not harm the unborn but kills everything else.