Friday, February 03, 2023

Things You Never See If You Don't Live In Trump Country

Most communities of any size have give-away papers.  Usually weekly.  Sometimes monthly.   A Penny Saver.  Real estate circulars.  Maybe an alternative news outlet like The Reader in Chicago or the Illinois Times in Springfield.   

You'll find them near the exits of hardware stores and grocery stores – anyplace lots of people are coming and going.  For example, in Springfield, you can find the Times, on Thursday, neatly stacked inside the Chase Bank ATM kiosk on Wabash Avenue.  In fact, I found this week's stack of ITs at that very ATM just yesterday, still bound tightly up in split film polypropylene twine, which kinda defeats the purpose.  Do better, Illinois Times!

  However, if you don't live in Trump Country – like we do –  you’re probably unfamiliar with a monthly giveaway paper called Gun News, which -- surprise! -- is not about gun safety or sensible gun control.  It’s published by Guns Save Life incorporated and every month it tells its loyal readers all about how dirty, commie Gun Grabbing Liberals are coming for your assault weapons and bazookas and how to stop them!!   

The one I’m holding now, for February of 2023, is Volume 30, Number 2.  Meaning this hysterical rag has been in continuous publication for 30 years.  So what was going on in 1993 that triggered the freakout of gun nuts and prompted the creation of outfits like the publishers of “Gun News” 

Here’s a clue:

After months of debate, in November 1993, a substantially watered-down version of the originally-proposed assault weapons ban was finally passed by the U.S. Senate.  In May 1994, infamous gun-grabbing Liberals like Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan, wrote to the U.S. House of Representatives in support of banning "semi-automatic assault guns." They cited a 1993 CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll that found 77 percent of Americans supported a ban on the manufacture, sale, and possession of such weapons.

30 years later, here are some of the “stories”

A boldfaced headline that reads “SEE YOU IN COURT” refers to new restrictions and registration rules which Governor Pritzker has signed into law.

The Protect Illinois Communities Act (PICA) bans the sale or transfer assault weapons."People who already own such firearms will be required to register them with the state government by January 1, 2024, once a system for registration has been created later this year."

The law also "caps sales of high-capacity ammunition magazines, bans ‘switches’ that convert legal handguns into assault weapons, and extends the ability of courts to prevent dangerous individuals from possessing a gun through firearm restraining orders."

Since the passage of PICA, most Illinois county sheriffs, who are elected by voters, have announced they will not enforce the law. Some sheriffs, like Jeff Connor of Madison County, cite the Fifth circuit court's radical Bruen decision last year  (which, among other barbarities, allows convicted domestic abusers to keep their guns) as justification for not enforcing the law.

There’s an editorial (the whole paper is an editorial) entitled “Go Pound Sand: Sheriff's Message for Pritzker.”

There are pages going into detail about various crimes committed in Chicago because goobers in southern Illinois fucking hate Chicago for all the usual, paranoid racist reasons, but also because so many of their kids get the hell out of their parent's jerkwater towns and head for the Big City once they get a taste of the world outside the Trump country bell jar.

There are paeans to "2A Sanctuary Cities".  There is a giddy celebration of "scamming" Chicago's no-questions-asked gun buy-back program by trading in enough useless, rusted-out junk guns to raise thousands of dollars.  Enough to send their kids to gun indoctrination camp!   And their antics got  Chicago's gun buy-back program shut down for three years!  Victory!

There is a truly pathological hatred of the sane gun control group, "Moms Demand Action", reprints of National Review articles about how awful Pritzker and those gun-grabbing Liberals are, and endless ads for guns, gun shows and gun paraphernalia.  

And from the Executive Director, an announcement of “Operation Ridicule” a little of which I’ll share with you here:

YOU can join the fun...

'Operation Ridicule' coming their way

Just like racist bigots in the Jim Crow South fought against desegregation of public schools after Brown v. Board of Education, some Illinois politicians ignored the Bruen decision and passed a gun and magazine ban.

Did I forget to mention that this organization of splenetic old white gun nuts and anti-vaxxers who are obsessed with "urban crime" is also 100% sure that Liberals are the real racists?

And that "Bruen decision"?  That's the decision by the Fifth Circuit court that now allows convicted domestic abusers to keep their guns.  

Now that "Public Act 102-1116" has become law, don't make any dumb or ill-considered posts on social media.  Don't paste a target on your own back by saying, "Molon Labe."

Instead, focus your anger and use it constructively.


Betcha top of the list is send us money!!! 

First and foremost, join Guns Save Life and contribute to the legal defense fund(s).  Use your employer match if it's available. Encourage clubs and organizations where you belong to donate to our legal fight.

Told you.

Here's the part where things get fun.

The days of congeniality have passed. 

What fucking "days of congeniality"?

Those who support this rabid gun control law hate you. They hate  your independence and your beliefs. They haughtily mock you and your family as though you're all knuckle-dragging Neanderthals.  

Return the love.

In Alinsky's Rules for Radicals...

Did I forget to mention that these knuckle-dragging Neanderthals (tm) are obsessed with Saul Alinsky?  Also George Soros.  A prosecutor they despise is never just a prosecutor.  They're a Soros-funded prosecutor.  

I swear, the derangement boils so close to the surface, that if you just feed 'em a couple of PBRs and give even a hint that you're a sympathetic ear, they'll tell you in vivid detail all about the International Jewish Conspiracy, the Demon-Rat  (Democrat) "plantation" on which "the blacks" are kept in brainwashed thrall, and so forth.  

Oh, and they're definitely In-Dee-Pen-Dants so the Forward Party should be able to scoop 'em, no problem.


In Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, the old communist  author wrote that ridicule is man's most potent weapon.

Use it ruthlessly.

Write letters to the editor of your local dead-tree newspapers [which almost nobody but sneering old white gun nuts and anti-vaxxers read anyway].  Make it personal with the politicians who voted for them.  Ridicule them about scandals past and present...

Relentless ridicule...

Mention the racist roots of gun control...



Compare politicians who voted for this to the racist bigots in the south...

Other tip:  Don't use other adjectives.  America's most popular self-defense firearms, not..."assault weapons".  "standard capacity" [magazines] not "high capacity".

And it goes on like that.

But here's the thing about ridicule: it doesn't work if the person doing the ridiculing is, himself, utterly ridiculous.  And these goofs are, among many other things, definitely ridiculous.  They're first-class members of The Tribe That Rubs Shit In Their Hair (a quick refresher on the nature of that tribe:)

Longtime readers know that "The Tribe That Rubs Shit In Their Hair" is my shorthand for inbred Conservative meatsticks who have wallowed in wingnut Hate Radio racist dung and Fox News Liberal Conspiracy claptrap for so long that is has become the quotidian argot of their wretched lives.  It is their tavern-talk -- their worst, paranoid delusions, externalized, validated, tarted up as The Unvarnished Truth and then regurgitated back to them by ghouls and treason-mongers like Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly... which are, in turn, passed around again like so many fish stories, getting bigger and wilder and truthier with each iteration.    It is the shit they eagerly rub in their hair -- the shit which, year after year, they sculpt into ever more elaborate pompadours because everyone else in their dingy, lightless corner of Universe is doing it and they lost their sense of smell 40 years ago.

They preen over each other. They are happy in each other's company. They praise each other on the little, individual touches with which they have customized their Shitheap Toupees -- an extra layer of Benghaaaazi, perhaps, appliqued over something something the New Black Panther Party because ACORN!.

And all is right with the world...right up until they leave the cocoon of their Wingnut Pig Sty and step into the normal world, where they are Shocked!Shocked! that ordinary people flee from them in horror...
They're cultists, whose one, true God is Vulcan, hollow-point be his name:

And to be ridiculed by such emotionally stunted weirdos is a thing to be worn as a badge of honor by any civilized human being.  

I Am The Liberal Media


SteveSteve said...

I wondered if Guns Save Life was still in existence. They still have their Burma Shave style signs along the highway, but they are usually in pretty bad shape with one of the four signs missing, which of course makes it meaningless.

bowtiejack said...

Good stuff. Thank you.

The common thread running through
2nd Amendment fever
Drag Queen hysteria
Sheriffs free to make up their own law
and all the rest of it, is

All the good jobs have been shipped overseas
To benefit the 1% who own 40% of everything

of all those coloreds and women
who no longer know their place.
Obviously you need high-power weaponry
To defend against such threats.

Especially the most fearsome of all
Agitated colored women!


Grung_e_Gene said...

I'm going up Trump country
Baby, don't you wanna go?
I'm going up Trump country
Baby, don't you wanna go?
I'm going to some place
Where I've never been before
I'm going, I'm going
Where the bullets flow like wine
I'm going where the bullets flow like wine
We can shoot our guns
Killin' ourselves all the time

It was highly distressing to see Sheriff's adopt the Unconstitutional Sheriff routine after the passage of laws and declare they won't do their jobs cause they know better. But, rightwing Sheriff's are politicians and they know the fascist gun hoarders aren't going to shoot their deputies cause they're ideologically aligned.

And even though Guns are used overwhelmingly to kill their owner after that MAN has killed his so-called loved ones, well he was a good guy with a gun right up until those bullets shot his wife to pieces.

Ten Bears said...

Fascinating videos ... scares me, I don't scare easy

dinthebeast said...

Read about two more court decisions this morning putting gun laws on hold, one invalidating the law that confiscates firearms from people with domestic violence restraining orders. They have made guns into a religion, and like much religion in this country, it's pathological.

-Doug in Sugar Pine