Friday, February 03, 2023

Several Species of Affluent, Recently-Former Republicans and Housebroken Center-Left Boomers Gathered Together in a Studio to Talk About Race

So we're finally having that National Conversation on Race that everyone's been talking about since Christ was a corporal.


Unfortunately...'s with these clowns.


So if you're dying to hear a Conversation on Race ... 

...without a single African-American with shouting distant...

...where the word "Woke" is used as an eye-rollingly condescending pejorative more times per minutes than a Dana Loesch  radio show...

...and where Linda Chavez  -- the 75-year-old relic from the Reagan and Bush and Other Bush administrations -- is the designated expert on "the blacks"...

...then brother, do I have a Sensible Centrist podcast for you!

Although they really shouldn't be marketed this an unsuspecting public under the title "What if DeSantis Can’t Hack It?" when "Straight Outta Pat Buchanan" is so much catchier.  

I Am The Liberal Media


Lawrence said...

Nice Floyd reference.

Robt said...

hard questions allude many The answers too.

Like, elaborate what is meant by, "All men are created equal".

How does that translate into " Equal justice under the law ".

Be honest !