Saturday, February 04, 2023

Big "I Told You So" Energy These Days...

...from all the same people who blocked us for impertinently reminding them of the many, many things we warned them about and for which which were dismissed as whiny Liberal crackpot alarmists.

Hilariously, these are also the same people that all of my Liberal betters scolded me for "I told you so"-ing because bringing up people's very inconvenient pasts was bad for democracy or whatever.  

And h/t Alert Reader Paul for bringing this to my attention

I Am The Liberal Media


Just another boomer said...

J.D. Vance, Republican gasbag, on alert for Chinese gasbag.

We cannot permit the existence of a gasbag gap.

Lawrence said...

Attn: Don Jr., J.D. Vance, Paul Gossar,

You don't have a gun that shoots 60,000 feet straight up.

Robt said...

The House GOP removed the metal detectors from the entry to the floor of the house.

My GOP congressman office tells me that is true but the rule remains that no guns allowed on the floor.
So I asked, without the metal detectors. How do you ensure no guns will be taken on the floor? Why would you require to have a weapon to vote, debate or give a floor speech?

So they will pass my comment on to the congressman.

I then learn of the vote to allow guns in the Natural Resources committee room. You know how much tyranny and dangerous threatening people to your life are in that committee room? natural resource committee is more dangerous than prison so you have a right to defend yourself , right?

So I call back over the Natural resources dangerous environment requiring guns to protect ones self.

Dude, Are you aware how many accidental discharges occur.
Here is one Father sitting in front row of church for his daughters wedding. During the "I Do's ", the father's gun drops to the floor. Discharges a bullet that seriously wounds his daughter in the abdomen. Rushed to the hospital bleeding profusely. Ending up in extensive care in critical condition on her wedding day and not able to complete their vows. Because her father had to bring his gun to the wedding. There are tons of these accidental shootings by safe people. Who were safe gun owners all their lives, UNTIL THEY ARE NOT SAFE and have a accident.
I tell the office I want a proposal to remove tax payers from having to pay for any congressional health insurance to cover these accidental shootings and for property damages if you are to bring guns to the floor.

And most of all, I want a proposal to allow registered weapons owners to open carry their AR-15's to the gallery ( a balcony area over looking down on the floor of congressmen) as they are in session. This is a tourist thing. Let us bring our guns too I demanded.

That won't occur but I had to throw it in that being in the gallery looking down on congressmen truing to repeal social security while I have my loaded AR-15 and looking down at every one of them is good for me if it is good for you to carry your weapon on the floor.

After all, I will have my gun to defend myself and the congressmen will have theirs.
Just remember, Unlike the old westerns, no longer do good guys wear white hats and bad guys wear black hats.
You will have to guess.
a;;owing guns onto the floor is playing the odds. A accidental discharge is going to occur and that is not considering a hot head bi polar congressman who has no control when he gets too angry.

As I wait for an answer..

dinthebeast said...

From Show Me Progress:

Jason Kander @JasonKander
Dumb shit like this encourages dumb people to actually fire at an object that is tens of thousands of feet out of range, and those rounds come down, and sometimes they kill innocent Americans, which seems like the kind of thing a United States Senator might want to discourage.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Robt said...

I bet he was very scared for his life at all those FOX segments on the Chinese balloon danger reports and how Biden has failed America.

Does nothing so it will kill all those republican babies to keep them from voting.

Just wait. It is coming. They will be posting sex acts with their weapons.
Amo-sexual porn.....