Friday, November 25, 2022

Older, Dirtier Bastard

I can't even.

This Is What Happens When You Don't Burn The Lifeboats


sos said...

And his head was straight outa his ass

Lawrence said...

That's the problem with keeping the series in production for so long. The sequels start to become unbelievable. I would bet money I don't even have that DFB's musical tastes have a min max range = Peter Cetera. Was this where he acquired the sandwich phobic high school educated friend? The one supplying him with jazz cigarettes?

Cheez Whiz said...

I can only wonder what the hell inspired this Proustian memory moment. A chat with Paul Ryan about Rage Against The Machine? His wife's Spotify playlist? What triggers the Whitest pundit on NPR to wax rhapsodic about 90's rap?

Tony said...

It’s a terrible column. But I’m going to have to give him credit for not bringing it around to how everything is the Democrats’ fault.

Robt said...

It is , what money can buy.

We see it i our politicians, we see it in journalists who set aside their principles of facts and truth for For pay.
I see it in a Federalist society bought and paid for Supreme Court and all they have to do is replace law and ethics with their intangible personal held religious views they never have to define nor explain. They really believe they have a long term winning excuse with it.

It is sending Hershel Walker to campaign against Sen Warnock.

If anyone noticed, A GOP woman was put up against Democratic running women. Michigan, Arizona, and back person to run against other black people in many places.

The confederacy Will always be able to find and purchase the services of their Wilks Booth or Benedict Arnold.

CardinalJedi said...

I was waiting for you to spotlight this, Mr. Glass. I strained muscles on my face rolling my eyes repeatedly while reading Bobo’s column on why his efforts to be down with today’s kidz are in vain.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Yo homey yo homey yo

Well my name is Brooks
and I'm here to say

If you aint blaming both sides
you aint no friend of mine

Word to myy teen wife!

Freddy said...

Lol excellent. If only Brooks actually listened to the lyrics those then young black men were conveying with a discerning ear, perhaps he wouldn’t be such a fucking stick-in-the-mud today, forever and always. What a crock of shit

dave said...

there is value to brooks---his recognition of an event in popular culture means that popular culture is dead,

23 skidoo brooksy...

dinthebeast said...

Wait, didn't DFB write a column about how society's collapse was due to the kids and their hippity hop music? Or was that some other clueless Republican?

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Robt said...

If I am correct by the Brooks written words you posted above.

Brooks is admitting he is , "WOKE".

He points to the moment in time when he became Woke.

Like a solid shake and bake to awake.

I just cant tell if Brooks hit the snooze button and dozed back off.

Tough to distinguish if he is Woke or Snoozy from column to column with him.

pagan in repose said...

It has always been the rule that if your parents started liking the music you and your friends were into that that killed it right at that moment, it was no longer cool, hip, out of sight, up tight and ..., a stone gas, etc. But, Mr. Brown shoes don't make it dipping back 30 years to say how hip he was to all the disco wee-wee back then, is to hear the endless plea of those who want to believe that they too can be in with the so called cool kids in perpetuity. And can never achieve liftoff. It's OK David, just sit back and enjoy the warm glow of how you have always been, cause that is who you is...and it is, after all, just in your head, anyway, ain't it?
So turn that frown upside down...

Unknown said...

Who does he think his fucking readers are? Who does the NYT think his/their readers are?

If you can judge a column by the fact that EVERYONE will point and laugh, even his regular "I'm a passive shitheel, please keep telling me both sides are bad so I don't have to feel awful about it" readers, then he may have actually bottomed out.

I can't imagine ANYONE reading those first two lines and having any kind of reaction other than DG's, or just simply saying this is horseshit and moving on. Biggie, Jay-Z, Wu-Tang? David Brooks? New Yorkers must be howling. That's comedy gold, Jerry.

He's REALLY lost these days. It might be intervention time...Judy, can you help him...?!

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