Tuesday, November 29, 2022

No Fair Remembering Stuff Podcast: David Brooks, Final Chapter (Or Is It?)


"How many progressive priorities are Democrats giving up just so they can have their way on abortion?" 
-- David Brooks, February 1, 2018
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Anonymous said...

Please do continue your chronicling. And I appreciate you both, for whatever that's worth.

Neo Tuxedo said...

"Brooks (Brooks, Brooks) in his first column wrote about (wrote about)--"
"I'm sorry, we're out of time, so the prize is being awarded to the girl with the biggest [Bristols]!"

Freddy said...

Time is a flat circle and David Brooks stands athwart its circumference bow legged and flaccid with indifference to whatever the fuck the real world is actually throwing at him every day. It amazes me that people with such a huge, bugling megaphone don’t just talk honestly and from the heart, but rather waste time and attention by obfuscating and pandering and playing the to the tidy middle. A sadly wasted privilege on fools.

Robt said...

The importance of a Brooks in the media to disguise the rights failures, extremism and to convince sour milk is better than fresh unsour milk.
Is the entire agenda under propaganda.

As GW Bush blurted , " catapulting the propaganda".

To repeat and repeat catapulting those stones at the castle wall until until they pulverize it.

It was obvious with the FOX network, the Rush Radio
It was obvious with Reagan who the media called the great communicator. The Newt Gingrich denigration escapades.

It comes directly from our GOP political party. They do it from the power of our government when they hold power.

Using tax dollars to campaign through their denigration campaigns of their political "enemies" not political opponents. There is a big difference.

There is much said about the extreme GOP base primary voters that have to be pampered to get through a GOP primary to the general election.

I never hear of any actions by the GOP to get more general GOP election voters to vote in the primary to moderate.

Not sure if more general GOP election voters participating in the primaries would change anything.
The General election GOP voters all seem to go with whomever the primary winner is.
The GOPers that say Trump is bad news all seem to also say, they would support Trump if he is their nominee in the General.
To me, it is like saying, I would vote for Putin if he became the GOP nominee.
If a JD Vance can be elected Senator even in Ohio because the "R"" in front of his name like rabid football fans who want to win and be a winner even if it means cheating or bribing referees to alter the game in their favor.

It is difficult to understand GOP voters voting for Hershel Walker. with all his baggage and ignorance. Tax cuts? Give McConnell another stooge to control for the GOP in lieu of an actual Senator representing his state.
Problem is , I try to base understanding this by my own judgement. If and when Democrats put up a Hershel Walker equivalent. I do not see myself voting for such a candidate. There is no media or propaganda that can sway my vote but then I do not rely on rhetoric and wild opinions to cast my vote.
To tell you the truth, I might not have vote for Senator Sanimaa if I lived in Arizona. Adding, Her opponent was even worse on the GOP side.
Voting lesser of the evils or dumb asses is unworthy a choice offered to me as someone who served and fought for this country. Let alone any citizen performing their duty to vote.

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