Thursday, December 01, 2022

Professional Left Podcast #678

"Never again is what you swore the time before.”
 Depeche Mode
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Anonymous said...

Appreciate the cast as always.

I do have to ask - okay, W. Bush was the worst POTUS in history for a while, and Nixon was also the worst POTUS in history for a while. But seriously, may I ask how y'all missed Reagan in there?

Please don't make me play a list of Reagan's greatest hits to prove the point. Please. Don't.

dinthebeast said...

The cruelty is the only point. Preventative medicine just doesn't happen to the poor unless you pay for it and promote it. But boy howdy does it (unlike tax cuts) pay for itself. Take me for example. If I'd had access to normal medical checkups back in 2007 like I have now, I would have found out that my blood pressure was running in the 160/100 range, been prescribed the two cheap generic medicines I take now, and never had the stroke in 2008. Here's a short, by no means complete list of the savings to the government that would have produced:
Hospital stay and rehab because I was uninsured: ~$250,000. One year of state disability benefits, thirteen years (so far) of SSDI ~$210,000. Payroll taxes I would have paid at my income at the time of the stroke for the next fifteen years; ~$97,500. Income I would have earned and spent in that fifteen years at that rate: ~$400,000. And remember that I live in California, where the rules were not impossibly strict in 2008. And don't even get me started on the cataracts I had fixed in 2015 because of the ACA, and what the past seven years would have cost to go through blind.
I'm just one low-paid blue collar dude. Multiply my numbers by the 795,000 people who have strokes every year in the US and you have an idea of the cost of ONE disease here, among all of them.
Kemp can go fuck himself.
Thank you again for the podcast. Hey, I sent you some dog and cat pictures I got from Sara in Huntsville a while back, and the dog and cat are wearing rainbow apparel for pride month. Did you get them? Should I dig them up and send them again? Also, Littlebeast, who already had the high honor of being IKotW once, has taken to napping in the middle of wreaths that Briana is making. Should I send a picture of that cuteness?

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Meremark said...

Re: in vitro

Have you noticed each Trump child came from a different sperm bank...