Thursday, August 04, 2022

Professional Left Podcast #662

"Both sides don't." -- driftglass
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dinthebeast said...

I know an Alex Jones fan, and he is really a difficult situation. He is a long time speed freak (conspiracy theories and meth go together, I once knew a microbiologist who used meth and had a show on KALX about conspiracies) but he is also a long time friend who has been there for us in difficult times again and again. But it's really hard to talk to him because any random subject can send us through a minefield of "things we know we can't talk to each other about" which makes interacting with him stressful.
Fuck Alex Jones. Texas has a law capping punitive damage awards at twice the compensatory award, so this round probably won't cost him more than $12.3 million, but there are at least two more rounds, one of which is in Connecticut, not Texas, so they may get everything he has before it's all over.
Another good week. I was amused this morning at how the media was spinning the parliamentarian's approval of the Inflation Reduction Act, or whatever they're calling it now. "Senate Hands Democrats Really Good News" vs "Key Element of Drug Pricing Measure Blocked."
I guess you really do have to read more than one take on pretty much everything new that happens.
Roger Marshall said that he didn't understand how the anti abortion amendment could have failed, and that means that Roger Marshall doesn't have the merest of clues about how to represent his goddamn constituents.
Thank you again for the podcast. The Oak Fire is almost 90% contained, and they opened up Mariposa Grove again this weekend, and yesterday it rained, so we might perhaps avoid incineration again this year.
When you're poor, you develop entire skillsets and foster resources that just don't occur (because they don't matter) to folks with more money, and they do make for a different kind of lifestyle, but on a good day it can be quite fulfilling and mostly I wouldn't trade it. Or let's just say that I didn't trade it and leave it at that.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Ian said...

They keep stealing your work.

John V Last

Robt said...

If you think this Trump coffee Boy (Alex Jones) is being treated unfairly.

Having you golf course raided by the FBI and your safe cracked open has to count as some sort of mistreatment too.

It is not as if, your lawyers sent the attorney suing you all of your phone information you did not hand over and perjured yourself by testifying under oath you did not have any information required by you to hand over in the first place.

This is Reagan's fault. When Reagan was governor of California. He closed all the mental hospitals and asylums for the insane. He just kicked them out on the street. Next thing you know is the GOP saw them as voters and propped their GOP umbrella over them. While some were put in jobs to promote the republicans to the loons on the loose.
I have no idea how the parents of the dead Jones ridiculed for profit. Have not used their republican 2nd Amendment rights to protect against the harm low life's as Jones causes.

Interested in purchasing a life boat as the republican sewage over flows? Before drowning in it. Or do you prefer to buy my survival food Insurance. Food buckets that will be mailed to you weekly in case of the Zombie apocalypse.
Disclaimer: not responsible for what Dejoy delivers or doesn't.

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