Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Going... Going...?

I no longer leap to the irrational hope that Bad Guys will end up in a conga-line perp walk into obscurity, and that the institutions which poison our politics will disappear Poltergeist-house fashion --

-- just because they are toxic and vile.

And yet, when I noticed that signage in front of our infamous local wingnut-chop-shop, I took three left turns and parked where I shouldn'ta oughtn'ta to get this picture.  

It's probably nothing.  Almost certainly nothing.

And yet, apparently, this old black heart of mine can still leap a little.   

I Am The Liberal Media


Unknown said...

OMG! Great news for Springfield. If only those walls could talk.

Fraud Guy said...

Unfortunately, the listing states that it is currently leased to the long-term tenant, a "professional office group".

SouthSideGT said...

The pictures on the listing are incredibly sad. Ghosts of bad policies. I was expecting to see a bronze plaque in one of the bathrooms to indicate "Darren Bailey Slept Here".

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