Monday, August 15, 2022

Rudy Five Angels Total Landscaping

From ABC News:

Rudy Giuliani now 'target' of Georgia criminal probe into effort to overturn 2020 election: Sources 

Giuliani, the lawyer to former President Trump, is expected to testify soon.

Bye-bye Rudy.

Future generations.are going to have a lot of questions.

This Is Me, Messing With Trump

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Robt said...

One can only hope for the best.

As one of my granddaughters (the 8 year old). Told me when she had a baby tooth come out.

She was brushing that tooth that came out before she put it under her pillow . That brushing it squeaky clean. The Tooth fairy will leave her extra for her effort.

So I buff and shine the key to the Georgia cell door lock before I put it under my pillow for the Prison guard fairy.
I do it for Rudy. Because if he gets out alive, he will definitely push Newt Gingrich off the media go to list.
By then , Rudy would be a commodity. Not that he isn't now, just a different commodity.
Like Bullshit is not the same as Cat poop.
And Cat Poop will be in demand in the GOP media future

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