Sunday, August 14, 2022

My "I Promise Not To Give Your Money To Rupert Murdoch" Fundraiser.

I am given to understand that the Lincoln Lads are trying to raise one million dollars to create content that would "mess with Trump."

Well I've got a much better deal you.  

For half that price, a mere $500K [plus all the Lincoln Lads' sweetheart insider media contacts] I, too, pledge to "mess with Trump".

And furthermore, unlike the Lincoln Lads, I solemnly pledge not to give all that money to Rupert Murdoch so he will run my "mess with Trump" stuff on Fox.

This is the deal of a lifetime, so chip in whatever you can afford, whether it be a small, $50K donation, or, if you wish, you are free to cover the whole $500K.  

And my final, solemn pledge to you is this:  After I raise the $500K, I absolutely will not email you begging for money, and will not come back on this weblog asking for money...until the $500K runs out.

The Money Goes Here


Robt said...

Brain worms is a serious illness.

Once infected, it ears the membranes within the skull as the worms breed and hatch out more worms which imitate that once was the human brains membranes that make that person who he/she was.

It is parasitic and once taking over inside the skull. The person is no longer the same identity they were.

It could be republicans are mostly vulnerable because the worms are mostly attracted to brain memory cells and membranes that are not used or used less.

It is obvious the spared of brain worms occurs where people in mass convene and if you noticed there have been many Trump rallies, CPAC conventions Mar A Lago gatherings and such.
where they spread like COVID.
Now I am not a graduate of medicine . Hove no doctor's degree or license. I have possessed a pest control License in California.
But TV networks like FOX will not pay me to go on their broadcasts and verbally wander around any facts , evidence or truth on GOP brain worm epidemic

Wont you donate to combat these brain worms that are crippling the fascist, the white supremacist, the republican pretending to represent America?

Pleas, Give.. Reach down deep. Tap into your tax cut windfall and donate.

dinthebeast said...

All that can be found in the skulls of many Republicans are homeless families of brain worms.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Robt said...

The brain worn dilemma

Q of QANON says Trump didn't know the Documents held no value.

Trump says the documents were planted on his golf course
by the FBI.

Sloppy Steve and right wing media says the Deep State is responsible.

Question: If MAGA has to pick one to stand on. Which would it be?

Ian said...

It is a conundrum. We shouldn't give money to LP, because they grift. We shouldn't give money to Fox, cause it is a doomsday device with no off switch. Yet republican voters only listen to republican voices and only hear them on fox and fox-like media sources. Who do we get to go on what channel to try to talk reason into these people?

Robt said...

First thing not done to speak to GOPers is, Do not hire Frank Lantz to talk and question them.

Jordan Klepper has been speaking to them for some time with little signs of sane reality from them.

Look, they know it is a lie that Biden stole the election and Trump still is president.
They will lie to the pollsters every time. What they are sayings they want what they want when they want it and to hell with anyone that doesn't want what they do.

I have had more than my share talking with right wingers. They have a dire need to be right , righteous and superior and others to dumb, peons, subhuman, and a dire need to be heard.
They listened diligently for 30 ears to Rush take screened calls from people (Libs) that he new with his show he could blather words around them and then cut off their call if they got to smart.
But like Rush, they only learned the tip of the ice berg exposed above water information and never read and learned deep under water Ice berg size. See Titanic captain for explanation.

Snarkeology 101: I Cannot Believe We Forgot The Celebrate The 17th Anniversary Of The Late Robert Novak...

...losing his shit and storming off the CNN set back in 2005. The Dubya Administration was just beginning to come apart at the seams.  ...