Saturday, August 13, 2022

Little Did He Know

I stopped reading this Jennifer Rubin Washington Post editorial after the first three words: 

The Media Should...

Then I sighed.

Then I skimmed through it looking for the words and phrases I knew would be there.  

And there they were.

There was (emphasis added):

...the media might want to rethink their role in helping to stoke another MAGA meltdown.


Nevertheless, once more many in the media are uncritically regurgitating...


 In doing so, the media are amplifying ominous warnings...


Far too many outlets take at face value ...


This is yet another dangerous moment in which Republicans are fanning the flames of indignation with lies, unfounded accusations and baseless conspiracy theories. This time, the media should reflect on its own role...

And I immediately flashed on Dustin Hoffman's "Little did he know" speech from "Stranger Than Fiction".  Because that's the way my brain works:

Did you say "Little did he know"?  I've written papers on "Little did he know". I used to teach a class based on "Little did he know".  I mean, I once gave an entire seminary on "Little did he know".


I've written thousands of posts on "The Media Should".

We've done hundreds of podcast episodes on The "Media Should".

I mean, I once gave an entire disquisition on "The Media Should" at a party that brought everything to a dead stop.

Little did I know that nothing would change.  Nothing at all.

 And nothing is going to change until people with big platforms like Jennifer Rubin stop talking about "the media" and start a concerted, ongoing campaign of naming names.  

Which, of course, is never going to happen because this "media" of which Ms. Rubin speaks is cozy, Beltway club in which she is a member in good standing.  And in that club, the worst, déclassé offense against propriety and good manners is speaking ill of any fellow club members by name.  

I Am The Liberal Media


dinthebeast said...

As someone who spent 25 years as an outlaw, I find the whole "Be careful or you'll piss off the bad guys" argument to be a lot of horse shit.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Robt said...

It is possible to delve into , All that we do know".

And then getting what we do know correct. Both sides do not

Hire Paul Manafort as their campaign manager after working for Putin for years trying to elect Putin stooges to the Ukrainian Government to allow Russia to control Russia's neighboring country.
After "Russia are you listening" they discerned was merely campaign rhetoric free speech. Paul Manafort not once but multiple times handed over internal polling data of battle ground election states so Russians could pin point their efforts to interfere and elect Trump for their benefit at the expense of Americans. Russian spy Maria Bettina circulated throughout the GOP by the RNC. Typical GOP politics and those liberals hunting for witches, you see.

Trump has regained his news dominance in much of the media and is showing he can amplify over everything without twitter.
Jennifer Rubin has a point and yes, your point of naming names is on target. Hey, Krugman has used his NYT platform to scold DFB;s oblivious opinions in the NYT. The bigger problem is if Krugman spends all his time on DGB's nonsense columns he will be ignoring much of the vital issues yearning to be printed and informed of.
Rubin has changed her right wing shtick for more reality base writing since Trump and that is an improvement. One ting for sure, Rubin has been in the Satan elite resort club for quite some time and has much more that she could disclose and pole the the GOP bear with publicly. She does not and that would be naming names as well.
presently, Trump lies first says, FBI planted boxes of documents. Not sticking to your shoes like stepping on chewed gum. Tromp spits out he had declassified the documents.
* Now why would Trump declassify classified materials so the FBI could plant it at his golf course?

It won't have to make sense or have facts for the media to express what Trump is trying to use as excuse. they look for what they can accept instead of making it clear they are all manufacture FIBS.
His diaper is dirty and he doesn't want to have it changed. He wants to be allowed to stay in the Poo Pooed diaper for us all to smell.

Manafort's pardon from Trump Wass merely a Trump low expectation for most of the media. Not a criminal organization covering it's tracks and rewarding those worthwhile criminal for their criminal loyalty.

if you hadn't noticed. All the rest of the news reporting on the rest of the world, the rest of everyone else just doesn't have the priority nor time in a 24/7 TV news network where that reporting news is all they do.
When they merely cover the same story over and over.

Over all, one thing for sure is that what the wealthy and big business is plotting and scheming or where labor is improving or regressing. Even the hands off of the Gini Thomas.
We have been dragged back to what I call is the great GOP days of President Hoover.

Snarkeology 101: I Cannot Believe We Forgot The Celebrate The 17th Anniversary Of The Late Robert Novak...

...losing his shit and storming off the CNN set back in 2005. The Dubya Administration was just beginning to come apart at the seams.  ...