Monday, June 27, 2022

The Lost Kingdom (The Never Trumpers Lament)

First they wailed and they moaned
For the kingdom they owned
That was taken from them by a heel.

Now they keen and complain
That the Dems are insane
For not letting them take over the wheel.

-- driftglass

Burn The Lifeboats

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Robt said...

At the time when Trump was running for election the first time.

A large swath f republicans I talked with said, they were voting for Trump because he wasn't a republican and they did not want the tired old Bush or Graham types.
Who they were sick f.

How could I say this?
Because :Q: spoke to me when he appeared and revealed himself as a dog turd on my backyard lawn and spoke those very words.

How did I know it was :Q: himself? he told me. He said he is still undercover in the bowels of the Dep State and continues to send out messages for the Great Q awakening.

yeah, I know. makes as much sense as Senator Lindsey Graham being quoted making some profound aggravating contradicting statement. But the press will print him every time.
For the man says what he means and damn if it doesn't change by the moment.

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