Monday, October 11, 2021

The Tears of a Clown

Poor Charlie Sykes. 

 Now that his party has gone mad in exactly the way Liberals have been warning for decades that it would, how sad and angry it has made him that those same crackpot alarmist Liberals (that he's been shitting on his whole life) are now the last fucking chopper out of Saigon. And even though we are are the ones doing the hard work of saving the nation from a catastrophe that Sykes and his Never Trumper pals were instrumental in creating, and even though the corporate media has gifted Sykes and his Never Trumper cronies literally million of dollars worth unearned free media despite having been utterly wrong about everything all along, it's still not enough for them.

It never occurs to them to rigorously examine their part in all of this. It never occurs to them that chivvying and harassing the very people who are trying to save us all from their incredibly stupid, short-sighted failures is the very definition of "insufferable".

The is because they are used to being treated as royalty. Used to having everyone else shut up and sit down when they speak. Used to using the Left as a punching bag whenever they need to score points or elicit a cheap laugh from their cronies.

And because they believe deeply that running things -- issuing commands  and controlling the narrative -- is their natural right, there will be no surcease of their bitter tears and endless bitching until the Left is shoved entirely out of the way and Sykes and his Never Trumper pals are given a free hand to remake the Democratic Party in the image of Romney/Ryan 2012.


dinthebeast said...

"Insufferable" is an odd word choice, considering that he has never suffered and will never suffer, by any normal or sane definition of the word.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Robt said...

Yikes sykes

" COMING TO GRIPS with fact that, at 79, I will spend the rest of my life having to align with Insufferable to beat back Deplorables."

He will have to live out the rest of his life as he did living out the part that he has wasted already. Wasted in the hatred of other people. How to punish them.

His radio following was fed to hate and eat human flesh that he fed them. Their unquenchable hunger for that flesh came for him and he had only hate and spite for his zombie pets. He continues to seek a pedestal of consequence he only thought he used to have,
Tell me Charlie, how does it feel to be named a traitor from your own political party after all you did for it?

Of course, I would expect Sykes as a never trumper. If offered a job in the Trump white house as shoe shiner or the plugged up toilet plunger specialist.. Charlie would have an entirely different outlook.
But that's me.

Fritz Strand said...

If you missed it last night - Lawrence O'Donnel spent his entire show serving cocktails on his lifeboat for WOK Republics plagiarizing what you and every liberal has said for the past 20...30...40...years

I guess he must pay the ransom once in a while to stay on the air

Robt said...

Is there a certain time frame before Sykes goes on Sloppy Steve's podcast show funded by a Chinese billionaire to tell Bannon's loyalists how he (Sykes) infiltrated the liberal bastion of MSNBC and how evil it is and needs to be taken out?

If you ever been involved is some manner with Alcoholics Anonymous or any substance abuse rehab for the serious addicted.
People like Charlie grasp harder onto their old ways the more they face reality.
You hear this as they say, "I am still a republican" "My party is in trouble all of a sudden" I can't vote for Trump, but I can vote for all the GOP who will do, act and enact or enable everything Trump".

It is only one drink. What can that hurt.

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