Monday, September 27, 2021

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

I've been writing about the Sunday Morning Gasbag Cavalcade, on and off, for more than 16 years now.


And everything about them has gotten exponentially worse along exactly the same fucked-up same trajectory they were traveling 16 years ago:


So Downing Street? Nowhere to be found. Nowhere. Not a peep. Not a jot. Not a tittle.

Now maybe I just missed it.

Like you, I am easily distracted by shiny objects.

Like you, I have certain involuntary bodily functions – like shrieking at the teevee whenever Condi Rice (who works for Me and You!) just strolls right on past legitimate questions about the behavior of the Administration and hocks a loogey into its hair – and so might have been otherwise occupied when someone, somewhere in the Major Media on the morning that they devote exclusively to the pressing political issues of the day mentioned the most important story since The Pentagon Papers for a tenth of a second.

Like you, I’m just a humble mortal, not some kinda Justice League combo-platter Doctor, Senator and Man of God capable of making Magic Remote Diagnoses of people from a slip of video tape seen 800 miles away.

And, like you, I am also incapable of turning right around and putting on a Superhero-Strength display of Convenient Selective Amnesia Like Unto When a Cocoanut Hits Gilligan on the Head when it comes to remembering that I did what I said in front of cameras.

So I may have missed it...but I kinda doubt it

So today I'm just going to post Steve Marmel's excellent bit of Photoshoppery with sums up the ludicrous parody of news that the Sunday Shows have become...

Along with my own, modest upgrade:

Burn The Lifeboats


Neo Tuxedo said...

This democracy-in-a-republic will not be on the road to recovery until we (a) find out who funds The Federalist and (b) feed whoever it is "to a herd [sic] of ranting Rottweilers [sicer]" (as Grant Morrison, back in 1990 when they thought they were a man, suggested should be done to "the person who writes all those awful American-based comics", after having sarcastically admitted that they were actually just one of many aliases for the person or two who wrote all the comics of the Brit Pack Invasion).

Robt said...

The Senators daughter with he wealth of her mother's inheritance.
Provided the exquisite education from the best of schools. She grew up in the elite circles of the upper class of gated community dwellers.
Like Tucker Carlson and others.

The best they can do with all those privilege's and advantages in their entire life. Right down to family wealth influencing employment for their children to make it on their own.
The beat Megan can do for herself is political tabloid exceptionalism?
What has she accomplished in her life for America with all her advantages.
I mean, there are working class people that have volunteered to be a poll watcher or registering people into the franchise no matter their political leanings. These people have done more for America than Megan o or a Tucker.
Like a hog in the public mud pen wallowing with all the attention.
More attention and attention given than any War veteran that has things to say too.
How a disgraced criminal shun from the house speakership long ago, somehow the media has this deep right wing state belief Americans still need to hear what he has o say.

s the Rush reruns play, So shall the Newt's hog snort snot from any camera or microhome or print from his grave.

their is nothing Newt offers anyone that is beneficial. Yet, there he is like Megan.
Ruled by the wealthy brats of the aristocrats.

From the people that tell us to pull ourselves up by our boot straps, stop sucking off America and make it on your own, work hard and you will make it.

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