Saturday, September 18, 2021

#JusticeforJ6: At The Wingnut Fyre Festival

Burn The Lifeboats

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Robt said...

For some odd reason the J^ Treason is the reason to release their celebrated political prisoners from J6 and all the vandalism with physical harm to capital police.

I am reminded of the Caller to the now deceased Rush Limbaugh show. The caller breaking out in tears including snivels heard on the radio. The caller was crying live on the Rush golden Mic. Explaining to Rush how they had a rally to opposes Democrats governing when they had majority power and only republicans are allowed to do that with a majority./

"Not one elected republican showed up to their Lock them up and hang them high rally. Not one republican elected congress person came to the rally". Well, what they call a rally.

Admitting, the people who boldly holler, "we are not sheep" Desperately need their sheep herders to watch over them, finding a fellowship with all the other square pegs who demand to go through the triangle hole on the test board.

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