Friday, September 17, 2021

Ah You Hate to Watch Another Tired Man...

Lay down his hand
Like he was giving up the holy game of poker


I was cleaning up my blogroll and damn.

If I poured one out for every Liberal blogger who has passed away or closed up shop for whatever reasons-- for every whiskey that doused its fire, for every hammer that doesn't anymore, for every culture that lost to the kudzu, for every translator that no longer speaks, for every Big Name that has found another hobby -- it'd flood the backyard and all the bunnies that hide in the bushes and the neighborhood cats that pass through on their evening constitutionals would float away. 

Blogs that were shuttered or abandoned came to their end at more or less random intervals.

And then came 2015/2016, which was a Liberal blog mass extinction event.  

I know that I never thought I'd still be at this old anvil trying to hammer cold iron words into shape  every day, sixteen years and then some after I was pushed out of The News Blog comment section.

Funny old world.

Let's meet tomorrow if you choose Upon the shore, beneath the bridge That they are building on some endless river...


Robt said...

Why does Pharaoh build so many walls of obstruction between the pyramid construction site and the slaves residence. That they must forever endure climbing over and going way around to simply get from the home to the work site and back ,again.

What does it accomplish?

XtopherSD said...

Thanks for hanging in there!!!

Hey DG... Is @matthewjdowd continuously deleting old tweets? I seem to remember you highlighting him nuking a ton of old tweets a while ago. I just went and searched his account and (if I'm doing it right) he has no tweets prior to 8/31/21!?! What a scaredy cat!

lockswriter said...

Thank you for still being here.

bjkeefe said...

I, too, am glad you're still blogging. But given how the times have changed, have you considered adding a newsletter? To give one good example, Roy Edroso has been doing both for a few years now.

If you're thinking, "I'd rather write many short posts per day, rather than one long one every few days," then I'm thinking, you could start with a newsletter that did nothing except link to all of your recent blog posts. Maybe add some summaries or teasers. At minimum, it's another channel to get the word(s) out. And, hey, you're already on Facebook, so it's not like you haven't already shown some flexibility about the harsh new realities.

ADDISON2021 said...

Thanks for sticking it out and please do not leave.

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