Saturday, September 18, 2021

Say "The Left Was Right About The Right All Along"...

...without saying "The Left was right about the Right all along".

Because they fear to speak them, for indeed their tongue would burn with fire. 

Also their employers at The Atlantic and The Washington Post might start to wonder why they're paying top dollar for cutting edge punditting when what they're getting is the decades-old Liberal critique of the GOP lifted almost word-for-word from the shitty blogs of the Dirty Fucking Hippies.

Burn The Lifeboats


Kevin Holsinger said...

"If a nuclear bomb dropped on that Capitol building,” she said, gesturing toward the dome behind her, “I would celebrate.”

That's not how close proximity to a nuclear explosion works.

Anonymous said...

Frequently in the Atlantic I find Never-Trumpers telling Democrats what they must do. Nichols, Applebaum, etc, and today once again Frum. “Dems must move right, etc etc,” to appeal to the Republicans who are repulsed by what their party has been revealed to be. Let’s ignore for now that these supposedly appalled (but more likely just socially embarrassed) Republicans will turn on a dime against the Dems over nearly anything, as they have in the past month on Biden for his cleaning up of yet another of their party’s disastrous, avoidable, and lethal politically-driven fiascos.

I applaud Frum et al for their distinction of being in the tiny percentage of GOPers who’ve finally seen the light. And I respect their mea culpas for being utterly wrong about their most consuming social, occupational, and political affiliation for the past twenty years. But instead of arguing that Dems, and particularly liberal Dems, must give way on *their* beliefs to appeal to ashamed, long-deluded Republicans, an argument I hear them make every day on TV, in print, on social media, there’s an argument I don’t hear them making. Not one to Dems, but to their fellow Republicans.

That argument is:

“Forget about all that stuff you believed before. It’s all wrong. Start listening to liberals. Instead of demanding that THEY move toward your political opinions, all of which you now understand were 3-card monte from the RNC, just start saying/doing/believing what liberals do. Because THEY are the ones who’ve been right about everything important for the past 20 years. Iraq, the housing bubble, the fraudulence of supply-side, the racist underpinning of the GOP, the disastrous effects of economic inequality, climate change, the tax code, Covid, the social safety net. And on, and on.

All of it. All those things you ridicule liberals for. We were the last to know; they were the first. We were wrong, they were right.

Instead of holding your nose and being proud that you agree once in awhile with the most conservative elements of the Dem Party (who were also mostly wrong about the past 20 years), do the right thing. The real right thing, not the pretend right thing. If Bernie or AOC or some other liberal says something, just assume they’re right and use that as your starting position in considering that issue.”

When Never-Trumpers start making that argument, a lot of us will start paying more attention to their advice.

Robt said...

When the right wing brainstorms and pouts out with their moral ideological superiority.
sometimes causes a reaction from me. Not quite the intended reaction they desired.

The people of the right which illuminate as Jennifer (above).
Bring me back to

* Abraham Lincoln - Quote - Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt

- It's better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid.

So what went wrong?
The need for Celeb status for the ability to deny anything/ everything to justify an existence to extinction.

In essence her Nuke quip includes the deaths of her GQP officials, the right wingers who reside in the D.C. area.
The Entire American economy and livelihood. Not to mention their entire GQP amassed at their own D.C. rally.

Heary-Heary. Listen to how stupid I can be. See how proud I can be of it. See Republicans I am one of you?

NO sure if anal Horse de wormer can cure this. But at this point. I am wiling for her to give it a try.

Il Distratto said...

Housekeeping note: "what THEY'RE getting." Love you much.

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