Friday, July 23, 2021

Maybe if They Listened to Some Allman Brothers? Updated

So the reviews are in and now we know.  Since we must now all just accept that Republicans are basically feral trolls who we should never expect to be held responsible for the evil that they do (from today's WaPo) --

Have Trump voters come down with a serious case of Snowflake Syndrome?

To hear some pundits and Republicans tell it, millions of people across the country who voted for Donald Trump are suffering from an affliction that you might call “Snowflake Syndrome.”

On numerous fronts in our politics — from voting rights to covid-19 to the legacy of Jan. 6 — we’re being told these voters are afflicted with a deeply fragile belief system that must be carefully ministered to and humored to an extraordinary degree.

We must pass voting restrictions everywhere to assuage these voters’ “belief” that the 2020 election was highly dubious or fraudulent. We must not argue too aggressively for coronavirus vaccines, lest they feel shamed and retreat into their anti-vax epistemological shells.

And we must allow Republicans to appoint some of the most deranged promoters of the stolen election myth to a committee examining the insurrection so they’ll feel like its findings are credible...

-- from now on the rest of us will now be required handle them like Dan Akroyd's Jimmy Carter handled Peter Elton of West Burke Oregon:  calmly talking to them as if they're freaked out 17-year-olds on acid and having a very bad bad trip.  

Except Republican aren't scared 17-year-olds who will fall asleep in a few hours and get over it. 

They're full-grown paranoid, racist and often violent adults, and their bad trip never, ever ends.

UPDATE:  Had to bring this comment from GrafZeppelin127 up from the comment section:

...lest they soil their nice clean "F*** YOUR FEELINGS" t-shirts with sad, sad tears.

This particular shoe is neverevereverever on the other foot.


No Half Measures

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GrafZeppelin127 said...

...lest they soil their nice clean "F*** YOUR FEELINGS" t-shirts with sad, sad tears.

This particular shoe is never, ever, ever, ever on the other foot.

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