Friday, July 23, 2021

Professional Left Podcast #608

"Adjoining houses always burn."  -- Bantu proverb

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dinthebeast said...

Having had the experience of being surrounded by addiction for 25 years or so a while back, I do realize there's more to it than "just change the channel" just as there was more to it than "just say no" but framing the behavior of the propaganda addict as an addiction might be a more useful place to start when deciding how to deal with the very real damage they are doing to the people they come in contact with and society as a whole.
Or there's Krugman's latest take on them framing their actions in the rubric of cult members, whose behavior debases themselves on purpose, as a way to make their devotion to the cult or its leader stand out from the base level of crazy existing within the cult.
Either way, I've had it with these fucks. We're on the cusp of a goddamn fifth wave of a disease we have a goddamn vaccine for, and how many more variants have to evolve before my J&J shot won't stop them any more?
If the modern Republican party had existed when the vaccines for them were developed, we'd still have polio and smallpox and all of the other diseases we just take for granted we're safe from now because they are a goddamn death cult.
I really liked what Joy Reid said this week: "In a religion, the savior dies for your sins, in a cult you die for the savior's sins."
Thank you again for the podcast. The damn cat has found the birds' nest up in the eaves of the carport and I can't climb up to shoo his ass away from them.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Robt said...

"the main stream media is biased liberal, you can't trust it".
Somehow FOX is not main stream corporate media?

The sanctity of marriage party cannot adhere to their own tenet.

" I believe in the Bible I do not read or comprehend and rely on others to tell me about it so I too can preach".

"I believe in the Constitution as a patriot except for the parts of it I do not like and want to deprive others I don't like from its freedoms".

"Being pro Life is reserved only for the unborn, and conception of life to be determined case to case". Only wealthy people should have the privilege's to decide abortion or not because their wealth makes them superior.

" it is socialism for government to aid its people. It is the right thing to do to bail out the greedy who collapsed their Wall Street businesses. It is God's will to provide Israel billions in foreign aid to help them and their people".

"All politicians are corrupt and need to be gotten rid of. Except the ones I vote for"


Is there any wonder why these same people would oppose learning history, including Critical Race Theory?

Actual decent discussions with righties only last for a short time. They will travel all over the literal rhetoric map. Focus on an issue and finishing it before moving on is now a rerun of Mission Impossible.

dishing out their George Soros scary tales leaves them blind to Koch, mercers and all on their blind side.

It is back to the old question of the Civil War South recruiting for the confederacy.
Estimated 3 percent of the wealthy plantation owners of all the white population dominated. A lot of poor Whittie in the south back then. If approx. 3 to 5 percent of southerners owned slaves and depended their profits and life style one it while the rest of the population did not own people.

How do you get them all to sign up and go to war for the confederacy when they have no ownership of slaves (in the game).?

There was no FOX News back then.

Robt said...

Someone may have to help me out. Are republicans now saying Speaker Pelosi is the new Hillary or is it A.OC.
I can see they are trying to make Dr. Faucet into the new Hillary but it doesn't and won't fit. Even the GOP voters can't exclude Hillary is female and Dr. Fuacci is male. And Faucci has no connection with Benghazi.

There is a really nasty odor coming from Kevin McCarthy. It reeks of fear.

Fear Liz Cheney may replace him instead of a Hew. Cheney does seem to be carrying a torch, chanting the sacred words.
The notion for Kevin to have his party floating the rebel cry of making Trump the speaker of the house if they win majority . Can't sit well with Kevin.

I realize this is farther down the rabbit hole and below the GOP weeds. Down where the sewage flows. Where a mask, a gas mask is required because of the high concentrations of the GOP methane flatuated so liberally.

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