Thursday, June 03, 2021

This Is How It's Done

Simple and clear, without the usual, "Yeah but the Left" or "Democrats need to do what I tell them to do" bullshit.  

Good for him.

Unfortunately it's already far too late to "deradicalize these voters" because the Right worked for decades and spent billions of dollars to build a fully reprogrammable base of bigots and imbeciles.  A base trained to automatically forget any inconvenient fact including it's own words, and automatically ignore/demonize anyone who tells them anything they don't want to hear.

And it worked.

So, sorry Joe, but the GOP clown car has already blown through 1,000 miles of warning flags, smashed through the guard rail, driven off the cliff, and is currently in midair plummeting towards the rocks below, dragging the rest of us along behind them.


 Too late to start tapping the brakes now.

Boom Boom Pow


ChiefD said...

Hell, it'll probably only be a Friedman unit or two before Walsh himself goes back on those words.

Robt said...

Joe Walsh is the typical GOP businessman who becomes in charge of a business. Runs it into bankruptcy failure, leaves with a golden Parachute while everyone else gets the rusty screw.
The great job creators need tax cuts. Because they cannot create or make anything to sell. and profit.
It is how these great businessmen end up like Trump and his university.

And now let's trust Trump to open up a cancer Treatment center.

And do it in a public (mostly) / private partnership.

Let me try it in this language, I do not trust the Walsh who ran amok and failed superbly while demanding to me he was so damn righteous and needed to be terminated. To "re Un Radicalize them. They all belong to Putin now.

It would be like going to Dick Cheney to re educate GW Bush on Torture, truckle down tax cuts, Who attack us on 9/11.

anynameleft said...

A bit like a retired mafiosa regretting life of crime while keeping all his ill gotten lucre.
Just another media scam so now he can get booked a a recovering whackjob.

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