Wednesday, June 02, 2021

A Decade Too Late, Another Bunch of Professional Opinion-Havers Begin To Catch On To Another Grifter

Today The Daily Beast delivered more decade-old news by slow freight::

Is Glenn Greenwald the New Master of Right-Wing Media?

The leftist scribe has become “a practitioner of manufactured controversy” for outlets like Fox News, say his stunned former colleagues.

Lloyd Grove, Editor At Large
Justin Baragona, Contributing Editor

It's the question mark at the end of the headline that makes it art :-)

"DISGUSTING & DANGEROUS,” screamed the banner headline at the bottom of the television screen, just under the blonde-sheathed visage of Fox News’ Laura Ingraham. “GREENWALD BLASTS INTERCEPT FOR SMEARING INGRAHAM GUESTS.”

Stop.  "blonde-sheathed visage" is just terrible writing.  But continue.

And so during a recent episode of The Ingraham Angle, Glenn Greenwald -- who is so familiar to the top-rated cable channel’s millions of viewers that he requires only a surname -- put on a suit and tie in Rio de Janeiro, where he lives, to continue doing what has occupied his energies for much of the past month.

Stop again.  "[P]ut on a suit and tie in Rio de Janeiro, where he lives" is also terrible writing,  You people desperately need an actual editor. 

Also the next paragraph should not be a paragraph at all.


It is continuing.

A related thought.  

Just ask Mike Royko's bartender.


That’s deploying every conceivable platform—from Twitter (where he has 1.6 million followers) to YouTube to Substack to an array of popular conservative websites to the very top of the ziggurat, Rupert Murdoch’s corporate cash cow—to denounce former friends and colleagues at The Intercept, the left-leaning digital news and opinion site he co-founded with Laura Poitras and Jeremy Scahill in 2013.

Through a welter of meandering sentences and tortured metaphors, the Beast has finally worked up the courage to report as breathless, breaking news something I've been writing about on this tiny blog in the middle of Middle America for a decade.  And for which I was relentlessly slagged by by my Liberal "friends",  just as our little corner of the Liberal blogosphere was slagged for tangling with goofs like Andrew Sullivan, for pointing out, year after year, what an utter fraud David Brooks is, and what a toxic lie Both Siderism is, and for pointing out the The Fake Tea Party was nothing but a post-Dubya Republican rebranding scam, and for not falling for The Lincoln Project grift, and for not going along with memory-holing one Republican atrocity after another, and for being able to tell the difference between an actual ally and a temporarily out-of-pocket but unreconstructed Conservative who wants to claw their way back into the spotlight by pilfering the Left's critique of the Right while continuing to pretend we do not exist...all looooong before it was safe to do so.

And there's a little wisdom to be found in all of this, which John Henry imparts to Billy Bean towards the end of Moneyball:

Because we care and because memory is our superpower, we Liberals will always be "the first guy through the wall."  We'll always be the ones getting bloody because we are the ones who are not only a constant threaten to the careers of the lords and ladies of the establishment media, but to the creeds by which they live.

The difference is, there will never be seven-figure offers from the media equivalent of the Boston Red Sox asking us to bring our magic to a major organization.  

Or six-figures.  

Or five.  

Or four.  

 But there will always be a tip jar :-)

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M. Bouffant said...

"Leftist scribe". Jeebus.

Interrobang said...

Since when was Glem ever a "leftist"? FFS.

Robt said...

When the republicans came out in force against extended unemployment benefits. As the Chamber of Commerce was lobbying the GOP and giving them sound bytes to recite like,
"extended unemployment benefits makes these people lazy and they will not go back to work in the restaurant industry for %2.13 an hour without benefits while still in a pandemic."

I can't help thinking of the %2 trillion tax cuts to wealthy who only pay others to work like the Chamber of commerce lobbyists.

Better yet, The U.S. Senators that could not stay and perform their job to vote, to stand on their filibuster for $175 K w health care and pension.

Because memorial day weekend head start.

Some of these Senators not long ago spent the Fourth of July in Moscow meeting with Putin's corrupt people in private and never disclosed what it was about while on American tax payer dime.

So I ask, How do we get Congress to show up and do their job when thye are paid well unlike the ones they are ordering and demanding to show up to the restaurant master.??

Fritz Strand said...

Truth is always the embarrassing beggar at the door of the banquet.

John said...

As I have often said, Glenn Greenwald is not a leftist.

To the extent he has any coherent philosophy aside from self-aggrandizement, he's always been a libertarian. And, in my book, libertarians are squarely on the right, not the left.

But I think that self-aggrandizement thing always leads him to contrarian positions wherever he shows up. It's all about running a circus show.