Friday, April 16, 2021

Professional Left Podcast #594

(artwork by Blue Gal) 

“I don't mind you thinking I'm stupid, but don't talk to me like I'm stupid.”
-- Harlan Ellison

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Robt said...

And the return of the Anglo Saxons caucus gives rise to the caucus of Robin Hood.

Starring Errol Flynn Jr, Jr, Jr.

There is no future with republicans repeating history over and over under their conservative good old days stagnant status quo.

dinthebeast said...

So are Gaetz and co. going to look back upon their debauchery as their salad days? And why do I suspect that to be yet another lie?
Before the election there was a "Republican headquarters" office down in Oakhurst at the shopping center that had big banners proclaiming Newsom to be corrupt and supporting his recall, but the whole joint seems to have disappeared.
I very nearly became a worker in manufacturing, as when I went to high school there was still an industrial arts program, and when I graduated I was a machinist and a certified welder, but the year I graduated was the year that the numerical feed CNC machines all came on line, and in the union there were master machinists with thirty years of experience competing with recent graduates for jobs doing setups on the new equipment and I just sort of bailed. Also, I got an unexpected piece of advice from the father of a girl I was playing music with: Beth Morgan played the bass guitar and she invited me over to play with her once, and so there I was playing her dad's sweet Gibson SG when her dad came in to check out who it was that was making time with his daughter, and we struck up a conversation.
When I told him that I was in the industrial arts program at school he said "OK, give me my SG back." When I asked him why, he said "Listen, I'm the hand surgeon for the hospital system in Eureka and Humboldt county, and I have a question for you, as you seem to me to be a reasonable and intelligent young man: Have you ever met a machinist who has worked full time for ten years or more who still has all of his fingers? See, all of that safety they're teaching you now is good stuff, all based on statistics and best practices, but when you get into the workplace, you'll find out where the safety margins they added lie and where everyone else "knows" you can safely complete a task, and sooner or later those statistics will sneak up and bite you on the fingers."
I still have all of my fingers, and every once in a while I say a silent thank you to Dr. Morgan for that bit of advice.
Thank you again for the podcast. We got the brakes fixed on Briana's car this week, and hopefully next week we can get the fuel system put right and some new injectors installed, and that will put her thirty year old car back into the "Sure, you can drive it across the state and back at will" category.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Robt said...

Floyd closing by defense employs the hypnotic strategy of repeating the phrase, "A reasonable police officer".

Yes, a reasonable police officer can sit on a man's neck until he dies because he is constantly reassessing the situation.

Floyd actually would have died that day even if he had no encounter with police.

It was Floyd's neck being adjacent to the office knee, it was the junk food Floyd ate, it was some drugs in his system. If he didn't pass the counterfeit Bill he would be alive.
You see, Floyd had it coming. And being Closterphoic meant he really ad it coming.

I need one of you jurists to have some doubt. Just one of you.

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