Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Fresh Instructions From Comrade Mitch

That is all.

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duquesne_pdx said...

Glad to see you're back from the illness what laid you low!

Robt said...

Now ese your way back.
build some stamina before sloshing full bore into the swamp to evaluate the swamp critters and take samples of toxic waste corrupting and mutating samples.

The Citizen United three toed sloth now commands the corporations that are now people. To know their station in his life. or else.
makes one wonder if McConnell (GOP in all) considered me as a person. How they would treat me?
Like the GA. GOP state Legislature. Passed million in tax cuts for Delta. Apparently they felt it was important to do. Now, are whipping the state legislature GOP to repeal those tax cuts?
so was it important or not?

Did they act in credible manner when they passed the Delta tax cuts and what is the legislative representation of te people to repeal it now?

It can be confusing and strain the well being even of those that have been healthy.

Robt said...

First they demanded the NFL fire a NFL player who keels and they did.

Then they Threaten the MLB for getting involved in politics.

You know, controversial issues like Jim Crow voting laws.

I think it was Moscow Bitch who mentioned, Companies are not equipped for it?

Not even one thought or prayer.

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