Saturday, January 16, 2021

Rand Paul Running Away From Science

Over the past 221 years, in my occasional "Rand Paul Running Away From Things" series, we here at the driftglass blog have had a lot of fun watching the Junior Senator from Kentucky run away from many things including Ayn Rand, history, civil rights, voting rights, science and his own father.

Today we find the pretend eye doctor and real Senator from Kentucky advising Americans to endanger their own lives and the lives of everyone around them by spread, spread, spreading the virus as far and wide as possible.

So where does Senator Rand Paul find the energy to get up every single day, strap a fresh Tribble to his head, and commence to run, run, running away from the fundamental pillars of Western Civilization?  From the same source as that other well-known Senator from Kentucky, Mitch McConnell.  From The Bluegrass State's very own rich and apparently limitless supply of inbred, racist Republican meathead voters.

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mcfrank said...

A recent poster on Twitter suggested that we needed more scientists and engineers in Congress.

Rightwing medical doctors like Rand Paul demonstrate the problem with her proposed solution -- a degree and/or certification does not prove expertise.

And that doesn't even get in to the issue that being a politician requires its own skillset -- something that is all too frequently overlooked.

Hugsy Wugsy said...

Surely this is grounds to take his license to practice epidemiology away.

Meremark said...

One word: Inbred.

Also, illiterate.

Whereas in NYC's fashionable Trump tots his perverted child rapes aren't incest since every wife's target-child was a withdrawal from a different sperm bank, where impotent-Don never could make a deposit.

bt1138 said...

Strap a Tribble on his head!

Love that one.

Robt said...

Which you think Rand caused less harm As an Eye doctor or a republican senator that fancies calling himself a Give-me -tarian.

Personally, I feel Rand's best at being a neighbor tackle dummy.

he truly is missing his calling.

Lawrence said...

On my planet we have a saying: Only Rand Paul could go to Brown.