Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Next Up on MTP Daily...

...Chuck Todd convenes a loya jirga of NBC/MSNBC regulars -- Hugh Hewitt, David Brooks, Bill Kristol, Mark Halperin, Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Ba'al, Harold Ford, Jr., Mike Barnicle, Tom Friedman, Avik Roy, Ben Domenech, Ann Coulter, Mary Matalin, Newt Gingrich, Rich Lowery, Beelzebub, Michael Gerson, Michael Steele, an animatronic thingie that kinda resembles Tom Brokaw, Mrs. Alan Greenspan, and a special guest appearance by David Gregory -- to plumb the mystery of why the public does not trust the media.

But first, have a seat, put down your beverage and bask in this amazing video (h/t Crooks & Liars) in which Mr. Todd looks straight into the camera and swears that he has no fucking idea how things got this bad, but that he will never, ever compromise MSNBC's own high standards by playing the false equivalence game.

Transcript (with emphasis added):

CHUCK TODD:  I'm way more obsessed than usual. In fact, there's an issue that is literally keeping me up at night.  I don't like navel gazing about the press.  I don't feel sorry for us, ever.  But we are facing a challenge unlike any before. It used to be we believed  Presidents they talked or we believed they had facts to back up their statements. Lying got them in trouble and impeached. It forced another to resign. So what do you do when the President-elect is willing to spread outright falsehoods like 'voter fraud got him the popular vote and the media is covering this up'? What do you do when he tells top national reporters that half of them are blatantly dishonest at the job they do and says it to them in their face. And what do you do  when millions choose to believe fake news stories simply because they like what nay hear... and the candidate they like retweets the stories?  When one half of the country believes a set of facts and the other half of the country believes another set of something.  In short, what do you do when millions don't want to believe the media anymore, and have a candidate or a President that will encourage them not to?   We will keep working at what we do. We will try to distinguish real from fake, fact from fiction, and news from propaganda.  We will be fair. We have always been fair.  Here's what we won't do, is somehow "balance" facts. 
Having writting hundred of posts pointing out Both Siderism is literally the Beltway media's business model, I find myself paralyzed by the sheer tonnage of examples showing that Shuck Todd is completely full of shit and damn well knows it.  So let's keep it simple.

Here is a short post from July in which I noted the obvious fact that the Democratic Party held a brilliantly coordinated, four-day political convention while the Republican Party held a four-day, wingnut Ghost Dance intended to resurrect the Confederacy.

This is how Mr. Chuck Todd "reported" on those two events:
You know, Doris, if there was one thing, I thought Donald Trump's speech felt darker than I feel like America is, and sometimes there were times that Hillary Clinton's speech felt more optimistic than where we are in America. I mean, it did feel as if they both exaggerated points.


Dave McCarthy said...
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Dave McCarthy said...

I'm thinking maybe the Germans have a word for something that is simultaneously both completely impossibly unbelievable and absolutely expected.

I'm also thinking it rhymes with "Todd"

Kathleen O'Neill said...

As much as I loathe Trump and his malicious minions which include the mainslime media I must say I look forward to the sorrowful head bobbling and scrunchy face puzzlement when Trump hands them their collective asses after they kissed his. Oh, and I'm sure Chuckie's concern about criticism is limited to that from economically anxious white Trump voters. The rest of us not so much.

mike gruey said...

i read the transcript (i no longer watch ANY msm) fuck todd and the rest of them. your check is in the mail. thx, again.

Digital Canary said...

My German is rusty (for now, though I fear we'all all get a chance to practice in the upcoming Trump Reich), so keeping it simple:
"Todd the Fraud"?

duquesnepdx said...

I think it's just awesome that this putz has suddenly rediscovered his set of journalstic ethics. I guess they were with the spare change under the couch cushions.
I'm not worried though. Within a week, he'll have lost them again, along with his keys.

trgahan said...

Chuck, this is one of those cases where if you have to take up precious on air time that could be used for more dick pill or Northrup Grumman commercials to make a formal statement about being dedicated to truth, reality, and never have been and never intend to be.

...and coming up next Chuck lets a paid conservative hack add another layer of white wash (pun intended) to the 2016 election results while concluding Hillary's cabinet picks would have been "just as bad."

keith gargus said...

As the arsonist said: "burning down the black church while the congregation was inside was unacceptable. From now on we will strive to burn the churches while they are empty." It's a small step there, Chuckie.

Neo Tuxedo said...

"Mr. Gregory, you were the caretaker here."
"I'm sorry to differ with you, Chuck, but you are the caretaker. You've always been the caretaker."

Unknown said...

Chucklehead Todd? The same Chucklehead Todd who stated that GOP lies about the ACA and death panels and pulling the plug on granny were not lies at all, but merely "messaging successfully," and that if the media corrected those lies...oops, I mean, "messaging successfullies", they would be doing the White House's sales job for them, and WE CAN'T HAVE THAT.

THAT Chucklehead Todd is now saying the media won't "balance facts"? And his head didn't spontaneously combust as he said it?

What's keeping that goddamn meteor, anyway?

jim said...

"We will be fair. We have always been fair."

We are at war with Oceania. We have always been at war with Oceania.