Tuesday, November 29, 2016

First, Why Don't You Do "The Worm" For Me In Your Magic Underwear

Then we'll talk about me maybe giving you a job.

Judges would have also accepted:
"You've got this, right Mitt?  What with you being so rich and all.  Bwahahaha!"

"Kellyanne will be along in a minute with a 'to go' box for your balls."

"You keep talking about wanting to be my Secretary but you haven't shown me your tits yet."
And, of course:


Pierce said...

I call it "The moment Trump grabbed his balls, Mitt knew he had to sit still and wait for the decision: crush or release?"

Robt said...

I so admire those conservative superior principals when they are put on display for us all to see and emulate. Can't wait to see what he offers Jeb Bush.

I did not think that anyone would be able to steal America's wealth like Bush and Cheney and only a mere 8 years later. America's wealth being it's democracy, government financials and power.
It is not going to surprise me when they have their conservative government hand out small Pox infected blankets to get our land. I mean the old small Pox ifected blanker trick hasn;t been used in a long time.

Tim said...

Only water on the table for two non drinkers . . . great.

It's going to be a long four years of fuck ups. The least worst outcome is nobody dies from their fuck ups, but that's wishful thinking.

trgahan said...

If Mittens gets the nod as SoS, THIS will be the picture to use to remind Crazy Uncle Liberty about how serious Trump was about putting the America Worker first in our international business dealings...er I mean foreign policy.

Can't wait for TPP to sail through congress relabeled The "America! FUCK YEAH!" agreement to thundering applause of 60 million conservatives.

RUKidding said...

GAH. Trump forces me to HOPE that he nominates Mittens to be SoS bc his other choices were even worse. Eff you the Donald.

Yes, as I totally predicted, Trump has nearly 100% walked back all of his vast, great "promises" to the economically challenged who voted for him. Certainly, there are far too many citizens out there really hurting with few options, and their lives are not getting any better. But hey guess what? Their lives are just about to take a huge honkingly fast nose dive to much much much worse.

TPP may possibly be off the table, but something else will come along to take its place. The likelihood of Trump "bringing back jobs" is slim, but I won't say none. It's just that its unlikely that very many jobs will be created. If there's infrastructure projects - badly needed - they'll be huge honking give-aways to his rich pals who'll privatize the profits and socialize the costs.

And get ready for Medicare & Social Security to be seriously "overhauled" to the point of: ha ha did you really believe that "billionaire" Trump would "save" your Social Security & Medicare? Jokes on you!!

Suck it up, ya sore winners. Because Crazy Uncle Liberty is about to get screwed over royally by crazy The Donald.

Sucks that the rest of us have to get screwed over, as well. Oh well, at least the rubes can feel satisfied that they "showed" us Libtards! Right???

keith gargus said...

The look on Mittens face may be the pathetic thing I have ever seen. So much for principles. Now get under the table and do your duty.

Jimbo said...

Because I work a lot with State and USAID on climate change, I so very reluctantly am forced to hope that he picks either Mittens or Corker for SoS. I know that Benito Giuliani also has been mentioned but he wouldn't last a month on the job assuming he even got past the Senate, which I seriously doubt. Gonna be a very long 4 years.

RUKidding said...

Yes, talk about a photo being worth more than a 1000 words.

The look on the Donald's face sort of reminds me of that classic scene from Deliverance where the hillbilly dude turns to Jon Voight and say something like: Yew shore got purty lips... get ready to use them! (as he's unzipping his pants).

Maybe that's what Trump was gloating to Mittens. Mittens certainly has a look similar to Voight's in that scene.

Kevin Holsinger said...

At work, I saw a copy of the New York Daily News. They called Future Republican Unperson Donald Trump, "Swamp Thing," given his poor draining abilities.

I thought I'd pass it along.