Friday, September 30, 2016

Today In Republican Detachment Disorder: George Will

As we have noted before, now that the base of the Republican Party has burrowed its way out of the basement and into the sunlight where the whole world can see it for the bigoted, toxic hellbeast that it has always been, the Conservatives who have profited handsomely by cultivating this monster in the dark for decades and are scuttling madly away from the crime scene all exhibit the same pattern of outraged and hysterical denial:
First, they make a giant, reeking mess.

Then they abandon it.

Then the immediately begin bitching about how the help isn't cleaning it up fast enough.
However when I wrote this about George Will back in June when he flamouantly quit the Republican Party. I neglected to mention the fourth component of the Conservative alibi -- that its all the Dirty Hippie's fault anyway!  From Mr. Will, buried way down deep in his dyspeptic Washington Post claptrap yesterday:
A demagogue’s success requires a receptive demos, and Trump’s ascendancy reflects progressivism’s success in changing America’s social norms and national character by de-stigmatizing dependency.
Pop the hood on a Conservative and beneath the sneers and pomposity you'll find a childish, tantrum-throwing twit who would rather saw his own arm off than take responsibility for disasters they helped top create.


Unknown said...

George Fucking Will has been at this a long time. I can vaguely remember one of his columns in the wake of George McGovern's 49-state loss to Richard Nixon in which he used similar "reasoning." Nixon's drift into unconservative experiments like the EPA was the fault of the liberal, somehow. Headshake-inducing then, as now.

Tom Shefchik said...

Is Will's argument silly, or am I missing something? How does not demonizing the poors account for the ignorance and hatred of the fans of Don the Con?

We sensible people support Robert Reich's argument for a guaranteed minimum income for all. That would really blow their little minds.

Bruce.desertrat said...

This is right up there with Yertle's complaint yesterday blaming Obama for the mes they made by overriding his veto. "You didn't tell us not to hard enough!!!" Also in the same vein as "Why do you make me keep hitting you, bitch!?"

Sociopaths one and all.

Isaac Segal said...

As a Phillies fan since my 1950s childhood, I can sympathize with Cubs fans.

I truly I hope they can finally win another World Series.

I just don't want George F-ing Will to be alive to see it.

RUKidding said...

Basically Will is saying that BOTH Clinton and Trump are leftists, which, to a degree, is somewhat true, if you take Trump at his word. Trump has said some stuff that is somewhat more leftish, or populist, if you, cough, will. That's not to say that a putative Trump Admin (dear gawd NO) would, indeed, attempt to enact such thing that might enhance and enrich the life of the "demos."

It's already established that Trump is only talking about "saving" Soc Sec & Medicare to garner votes, and that he's promised the Zombie-Eyed Granny Starver that he'll go after both programs hammer 'n tongs. It's hard to imagine Trump doing almost anything that he's yelled and screamed and twitted about. The man's unhinged.

But Will is somewhat correct in that a small smidgeon of Trump's appeal is over some of his more populist ravings. Of course, Will carefully ignores Trump's racism, bigotry, xenophobia, sexism, homophobia, etc, that are the big main appeals to Trump's base. And IMO all of those attributes define and reflect what the "conservative" Republican party has become and perhaps always was: a bastion of white male supremacy. Will conveniently ignores all of that.

Will's whine is that conservatism is dead, but yeah, as indicated by Driftglass's quote, it's all because of us DFHs once again.

Well, hey, ok. Let's just posit for a moment that's true. IF so, then perhaps conservatism wasn't, you know, serving the common proles, and they got jackshit of being grifted and kicked around and never seeing any benefits from what they were voting for. So why wouldn't the "demos" (oh so hoity toity) then start demanding something else? Of course, Will backs away from that proposition and slams the DFHs.

So satisfying. So easy. Just rewrite the column endlessly and collect giant paycheck from .001% Overlords and Will's work is done.

Talk about having dependency de-stigmatized! Pot meet kettle.

Operator said...

If only there was a way to blame global warming on liberals. We'd have a solution next week.

Sharon Dymond said...

LOL, you much have been battling autocorrect when you wrote that driftie. Good one ... typos and all.

engulfedinflames said...

Opponents of raising taxes to help support the poor in 1834 Britain..."There can be no liberty with dependence" One hundred and eighty two years later they're singing the same song.