Saturday, June 25, 2016

George Will Had No Sons

He had three whiskered things but he disowned them.

From the Moonie Times:
George Will renounces GOP, declares ‘This is not my party’

By Andrew Blake - The Washington Times - Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Republican Party’s acceptance of Donald Trump as its presumptive presidential nominee has prompted acclaimed conservative columnist George Will to change his political affiliation, the writer revealed Friday.

A Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for the Washington Post, Mr. Will changed his voter registration in the state of Maryland earlier this month from Republican to “unaffiliated,” he told PJ Media during an interview Friday.

“This is not my party,” Mr. Will said at an event in Washington, D.C. earlier in the day, the website reported.

Mr. Will has been a vocal critic of the GOP’s presumptive nominee since well before the New York businessman announced his candidacy 2015, and said the decision to part ways with the party was the result of the recent endorsement made by House Speaker Paul Ryan, Wisconsin Republican, according to PJ Media.
Makes a giant, reeking mess.

Abandons it.

And is now bitching about how the help isn't cleaning it up fast enough.

George Will -- Conservative to the bone.


Neo Tuxedo said...

If I could cast a curse on any one person, I would curse George Fucking Will so that, no matter what anyone says to him, all he hears is "Take it somewhere else, buster," preferably in the voice of the ex-wife who left that message in the note she put with his things as she dumped them on the front lawn. It would last until he either confessed and shut up or topped himself, whichever came first.

Green Eagle said...

George Will was instrumental in electing Ronald Reagan, serving as a part of Reagan's electoral team and then hiding the fact and repeatedly going on TV and radio and presenting himself as an impartial commenter and praising Reagan. Most notable is the incident of the Carter debate briefing book, which was stolen from the Carter campaign, and used by Will himself to help to prepare Reagan for their debate. Will then hid this fact and insisted in public that Reagan had beaten Carter badly in the debate.

So now, confronted with the inevitable end result of his behavior and that of his party, he is running for cover. He has always been scum, and he still is.

John MacCuish said...

Oh, I think we need to sew a giant scarlet "R" on his blazer and have him march down Mainstreet with the Republican millstone hanging from his neck. He has had the same boyish haircut for over 70 years now and he thinks he can simply go bouffant on us now?? No way!

dinthebeast said...

No George Will, a Republican is exactly what you are. It's way too damn late to try and duck out from that now.

-Doug in Oakland

RUKidding said...

"This is not my party,” Mr. Will said at an event in Washington, D.C.

Oh but I beg to differ, Georgie-Porgie. It very very very much is YOUR Republican Party. You f*cking broke it, You f*cking pay for it, and you f*cking OWN it.

Such a frickin skeevy slimey scummy pathetic weasel. Scrunching up his little sensitive nose at the stinky stench of Republican Donald Trump's smelly uncouth loud-mouthed ranting skinhead fan base.

YOU built that, George Will. Oh yes YOU DID.

bowtiejack said...

We have all at some point in our lives probably had the experience of turning over some household item and seeing an alarming number or cockroaches scuttling out of the light, Jes' saying.

Deondre Clark said...

Can't wait for the professional left next week

Robt said...

He wants everyone to know he registered "unaffiliated".

Cheese Whiz, maybe Brooks and Gerson will join him in his abandoning ship. Like the rats they are.
What happened to that "staunch conservative"? Got soft?

It seems preposterous G, Will did not register as "irresponsible".

Better yet he could have registered with the Benedict Arnold party.

I suspect if Trump became president, he might abandon the U.S. as easily as he left the Republican party.
But don't be alarmed, he will continue to write and propagate conservative virtues over the damn dirty hippie liberals. From wherever he is and from whomever he affiliates.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

"The Republican Party’s acceptance of THE REPUBLICAN PARTY as its presumptive presidential nominee has prompted acclaimed conservative columnist George Will to change his political affiliation, the writer revealed Friday."

There, fixed it for you. :)

Be seeing you.

Kevin Holsinger said...

This is not my beautiful house. This is not my beautiful wife.

heidi said...

"This isn't my party and I'll cry if I want to!"

heidi said...

"This isn't my party, and I'll CRY if I want to!"

Bob Harrison said...

I recall Brad Pitt carving swastikas in Nazi foreheads. Might be a good idea for former Republicans.

Jimbo said...

And yet, come Nov. 8th, we know he Will be yanking that R lever just like the rest of the snobby GOP Establishment. He's never been anything other than a self-important clown; not going to change now.