Friday, September 30, 2016

Professional Left Podcast #356

"Don't sell me America."
--   Harry Stoner, Save The Tiger



John Taylor said...

Chuck Todd is an idiot. You can never be over prepared for a debate for the most powerful job on the globe. Hillary Clinton kicked Trump's backside.

dinthebeast said...

Just a note about Driftglass saying that the Democrats have to function as both parties: Ever since the Republicans lost their damn minds and turned congress into a government funded election campaign device, I have been saying this. There aren't any "conservatives" in the conservative movement. None of those critters give a rat's ass about conserving norms and traditions, so to the extent that norms and traditions need to be conserved for the running of the government, the Democrats have to do it in their spare time. Which blows, because we're supposed to be the liberals, remember? If they weren't so stupid, I'd be wondering if that was their plan, and maybe for some of them it is, but I can't make myself believe it is for most. Perhaps we need to get better at not letting them accidentally get the upper hand. In our spare time. Or something.

-Doug in Oakland

jim said...

Faith-Based Nihilism is one hell of a drug.

Nazi Frogs & dank memes & Eschatons, oh my!