Monday, July 11, 2005

A priest, a rabbi and a Lenny Bruce walk into a bar.

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On being deliberately crude or insulting.

I want to win, just so we’re clear.

To win.

To wrestle one corner of our democracy back from the bestial creatures that have taken the place over and use that real estate like the Allies used the beaches of Normandy. I want them on the run.

I want them furious.

I want them bugfuck with the kind of rage that brings down IQs and makes people stupid and linear and easy to pick off.

With reasonable men and women, I believe in sitting-and-reasoning together. For someone who believes in the idea of the common good, and can correct their mistakes when shown that they’re wrong, I believe in extending respect and every kindness.

But for the others, I want their sensibilities lacerated morning-noon-and-night for the same reason that the picadors lance the neck muscles of bulls in the ring: I want them goaded and head-down charging straight into their own doom.

I want them pissed as hell. I want their “they volunteered”, sending-other-people’s-children off to fight their Faith-Based Crusades cowardice mocked, and their Death God religion ridiculed.

I want their dangerous imbecility laughed at. I want future generations of Americans to look back on the Modern GOP as the swine that they are, and shake their heads with the same kind of what-the-fuck-were-they-thinking incredulity we have for George Wallace and Bull Connor.

I want them foaming-at-every-orifice furious, so that the nation and the world can continue to get a clear, unvarnished look at these horrid cocksuckers in a bright light.

Why? First, because they deserve it. They deserve to be shamed in the public square both for their rancid ideology and their reeking hypocrisy. Big on my bill of particulars: Anyone who militated for the Impeachment of Bill Clinton and yet has yawned though the last five years and chose to re-elect George Bush needs to be put in the stocks and made to recite, “I am a shit-eating fraud whose existence shames my Nation and my God.”

Second, because he who angers you, controls you. I want them angry, at our hands.

I want to see them kicked where it hurts, Garo-Yepremian-hard, until they stop trying to feed the Constitution into the woodchipper and ram their cancerous mockery of “Christianity” up everyone’s ass.

I want to see us do what we Liberals have such a fucking hard time doing – bitch-slapping them around the block and back again until they geek.

What put me in mind of this?

A family fight over at Steve Gilliard’s house.

Harsh language, and hard feelings. Either poorly worded or just-plain-wrong opinions were lobbed around like cranky scorpions. There was some nearly hysterical over-reaction. Bad Joss and, as Cosmo D’Medici famously said, “You shall read that we are commanded to forgive our enemies; but you never read, that we are commanded to forgive our friends.”

Which put me in mind of targets and intentions.

One of the worst things I ever did in high school was I once picked on one of the few kids that were actually slower and weaker than I was. It was a thoroughly shameful thing to do, and I did it for no other reason than in made me feel good.

I spent a good number of years getting tossed down stairs, wet-towel flogged in the locker-room shower, stabbed in the leg with the pointy-end of a compass and assorted other public-education-sponsored horrors. School was where I learned that while Authority talks a helluva good game in civics class, when it came time to actually pulling the trigger on the jock zombie army to maybe stop them from beating the everloving shit out of my friends and I, “Authority” were just so many empty suits who gladly turned a blind-eye to what some, favored students did.

We had targets publicly painted on our asses and learned very fast and very early the valuable lesson that without strong, principled leadership, out-groups can expect little help from “the government”. We also learned that fighting fair doesn’t work. Whenever one of us threatened to actually win one of the many fights we were shoved in to, two or three or more of our tormentors would just pile on and pound us into a finer grade of hamburger.

It wasn’t that we couldn’t win: it was that we were not going to be allowed to win.

So like geeks since before the dawn of time, whenever possible, we moved onto the battlefields where we could win, formed out own alternate culture and waited for our liberation.

And during a particularly bad time, I bullied a young man until he cried. I knew better – I fucking well knew better – but on a particularly awful day I just wanted to feel bigger and more powerful than somebody, so with a minimum of provocation I lit into him. Verbally bracketed him and blew him apart...and it felt dark and sick and drunkenly wonderful.

So I really do understand a little of what it is to be the weakling bully who makes himself feel better about his weakness by kicking on someone even more powerless than he is.

Amp that impulse up a hundred times, and you have the College Republican Yellow Elephants. Increase it by a thousand, and you get the gleeful thugs of Hate Radio. You get Dobson and DeLay. You get Falwell and Frist.

Another few notches, you get Jim Crow and lynching in the name of God. Weak white men fearful that Blacks weren’t just their equals, but their betters. Knowing in their ugly hearts that they could not survive a typical week in the life of a typical Black American in the Segregated South. Knowing that they were pussies compared to the people they oppressed, and this sickness drove them madder still.

A few more notches, you find yourself in the antebellum South.

A few hundred more and you find yourself in the company of Nazis.

By avocation, I’m a writer. So are you. So is everybody, to some varying degree or another. You and I, we were bequeathed 300,000 words from a hundreds tongues and cultures, and some large fraction of them are pretty hard-edged.

I don’t give a shit what words someone uses as long as they use them well. I don’t give a shitif a man or woman says “cunt”...or “ditch-delivering drab”. Or “gadzooks”. Or contracts “God’s wounds” into “zounds” long as they deliver the rhetorical goods, and as long as they’re going after a deserving objective.

When Rush used his megawattage and decibels to flog the poor and the sick and the weak, he’s being, oh, let’s say an arrant knave. A ghoul who uses his position of power to donkey-punch people who are frail and relatively powerless.

OTOH, by dint of his long years getting rich picnicking on the fragile and helpless, Rush deserves no mercy, and if calling him a junkie or a douchebag or a cunt gets the job done...sign me the fuck up for that detail.

Being gay is not a sin or a crime or any-damned-thing other that the business of the consenting adults involved. Is it my cuppa tea? No, but going after someone who is gay for being gay is just despicable. Profoundly un-American and un-Christian.

OTOH, in case you hadn’t noticed, our Adversaries seem positively obsessed with sex, especially gay sex. A shockingly high percentage of Republicans seem to be self-hating gay men, and a vast number of others are so paranoid about their manhood that they’re willing to go to war to prop up their limp dicks. Cruel, brittle, bitter egos barely papering over deep fears of impotence and inadequacy.

These people are bigots with public manners and private codes. It makes them schizophrenic, which gives us an opening. Remember how freaked out the Cheney’s were during the campaign when Kerry referred to their openly lesbian daughter as...a lesbian?

These people think being gay, for example, is shameful and an abomination, but the dictates of the political world demands they pretend otherwise. To these people – to the people in power -- I think we are frankly obligated to occasionally be as offensive and insulting as we can be without wandering over into libel and physical threats. To highlight the contradictions.

All 300,000 words in the language belong to us. All of them. If a writer uses language recklessly or as hammer to beat a bunny rabbit, they should be called on it. I took down a post for just that reason: I’d gone too far and the person who called me on it was right, and I was wrong. There are no rules to it that I know of other than to be kind to people who can’t defend themselves and foreswear the use of nukes when conventional weapons are all you need to make your point.

That being said, when my opponent offers up his ass in public in a way that screams Big Fat Target, damned betcha I’m down for that. If going right after their fears over their manliness with a meat-axe helps get the job done, I say Let’s Party! And if winning means throwing some pitiless fucking haymakers with language that’d make my mother blush and run out of the room, well, whoever said politics was beanbag?


Anonymous said...

So, if I refer to the male spawn of the Bush family as "Bar's Enema Bag Backwash", you're OK with that?

Anonymous said...

I want to see them kicked where it hurts, Garo-Yepremian-hard,

Dude, that's a great reference! Dems lately have tried to pick up the ball and throw it, a la Yepremian, instead of just kicking. Thanx for the early morning grin ;-)

Thanx also for your comment about the ruckus in Gilly's house, too much psychic fallout from the bombings. A disturbance in the Force, if you will.

You just keep using those 300,000 words, I'll keep eyeballin' them.

Anonymous said...

Works for me.

Lesseee...where wuz we???

Oh, the people of London feel safer this morning?

Anonymous said...

I think I understand what you mean. The basic question is one of power - do we want it to be something wielded as we would have it used on ourselves, or as we would have it used on other people? People who speak for the latter, such as most of the usual suspects in government, talk radio, and Fox News, should get what they wish for.

Rev. Joshua said...

You are awesome. Just...yeah. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Odd. One of my longest-lasting and most painful memories (of a painful childhood) is making fun of one of the few kids in school who was less popular than me. And when I mentioned that to a woman friend, she had a similar memory. How common is this?

Karmakin said...

One thing that people have to realize, is that this really is a culture war. The left tries to pretends like it doesn't WANT its little culture war, that we can all live in peace and tolerance and all that.

It just doesn't happen that way.

This, quite frankly, is a cancer. I mention it everywhere, but I'm preparing to write a book on this subject. Because nobody else has done it. The only books on morality are written by immoral fucktards who wouldn't know morality if it came up and bit their cocks off.

Homosexuality has ABSOLUTLY NOTHING to do with morality. Nothing. It's none of your fucking business. And as to how much it IS your business, it's a GOOD THING! Homosexuality, on the balance, is moral! Why? Too many people as it is. People having alternative needs that doesn't result in more people taking up limited resouces. Damnit. They're taking one for the team.

They deserve a medal.

Lack of affordable health care, that's immoral. Destroying the environment and hurting people. That's immoral. Paying near-slave wages to trap people into jobs. That's immoral. Churches need to step up, and take care of that shit pronto. They need to take those people, and publically condemn them. If they're not willing to do them, then we need be honest...go right through them. Because then they're on the side of the devils. And they're NOT helping us at all.

Because that's the problem. The immoral people in society have too many outs, too many excuses. Too many shields for their bad behaviour. There's no repercussion for those bad actions. Absolutly none. "Business is business". No, business is a public activity that affects other people. Moraitly counts here people.

On the other thing. I was watching Bush. Ok. One line before I turned on the PS2 and started playing Wild Arms 3. (As a side note, most video games, especially console RPGs have more semblance of morality than everything that's EVER gone on any of those religious stations. Combined. Period.) And he was talking about how "The terrorists only need to be right once, free countries need to be right all the time". he's saying we're fucked. There is a way to fight terrorism you know. You create it where the oppurtunity cost of terrorism is too high for people to take. Where if say...I dunno. If some guy happened to crash a plan into civillian buildings, people would be OUTRAGED, and would distance themselves from the terrorsts. So by the terrorist act, they would lose.

By by not creating that moral, ethical shield, Bush, and his supporters, endanger everybody. Because it removes the cost from terrorism. It's no longer terrorism to the intended audience. It's freedom fighting. And that leads to the world where terrorism is EVERYWHERE and unstoppable. Because terrorism then becomes populist. And that's a bad world to live in.

But because of Bush, and because of his weak ethical and moral structure, that's the world we now live in. Fighting terrorism? Try getting off your knees first. When Bin Laden orgasms, it's going to be a hell of a mess.

Anonymous said...

You have the gift. The fact that you can craft this stuff every single day is beyond me. Please keep it up.

I would like to make a request, if you will permit me. The broad brush often used to paint the South hits far too many of us who do not deserve it. While I live and work in the (oft blackened) heart of the Red States, I do not hold the common “values” as my own. I am a transplant, and I truly like it here. It is by no means perfect, but no place is. I endeavor to make things better for those around me and, in my own small way, I know I am making a difference.

But I bristle when I am asked to accept that I and all those around me are all small-minded toads. We are not. And I mean we, since I have chosen to accept and embrace my life here. At a recent wedding (in Chicago, by coincidence) I was tersely reminded of the unspoken brotherhood of the straight white male that no doubt exists here. And I was left feeling that I had to defend my choice to remain in a region that was obviously looked upon with great derision. But there is no easy answer to the unasked question: “Should I stay and try to make things better from the inside or leave and try to make things better by mocking those that remain?” I choose the former. And I will try to make it better.

Anonymous said...


You continue to amaze with the power of your rants. Fucking classic dude.

First, the Garo reference, come on, that one was almost surreal. Brilliant stuff but I would have offered up either Chester Marcol (because I grew up in Wisconsin) or perhaps the ultimate would be Tom Dempsey (of course, if you're old enough to remember him).

But this isn't to in anyway demean or diminish your stunning screed. I'm trying to steal a little of the spotlight for myself, spotlight stealing douchebag that I am.

I want to say thanks for this thread here for a number of reasons.

First, I like and respect Steve and Jen. I read their site daily. I comment there from time to time. I don't agree with everything he posts but that's not something I seek in a blog. He's a good and passionate writer and he comes up with stuff that is pretty cool.

I completely missed the whole fracas over there while it was happening and frankly, I wasn't all that enthusiastic to go through some 400 or more comments to see where someone used the word cunt and if it was appropriate. Steve thinks it never appropriate so on his site, I'll respect that.

That said, I agree with you point completely. Nothing is out of bounds. Certain behaviour may be unacceptable at certain times in specific venues but in general, I'm loathe to limit expression. However, as I said before, it's Steve's house and I'll respect his rules (and his co-host Jen).

Anyway, thanks again for another great piece and a chance to sound off.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, there is a great diary on the topic of The Bigotry of the Left at Daily Kos today. Your point is well taken.

Anonymous said...

Please do not adjust your meds, Driftglass!

As someone who mostly writes for a meager living, I do know that postings like this one do not gush miraculously like Automatic Writing from your fevered brow.

Still, let 'er rip.

You have tripped and stomped over all the dead ducks (them Frenchy canards) of the Liberal/ Progressive Left by taking a Now We Take the Gloves Off ... and Pass Me That There Baseball Bat ... approach to what all "normal" people know is evil from the ChristoFascist Bushies.

Please keep examining the wellsprings of righteous rage. Of virtuous ass-kicking. Of well-deserved butt bashes. We NEED a lexicon and glossary and thesaurus on this stuff that "nice" Progressives will never ever talk about. (pansy-poos)

BTW I consider it synchronicity that before reading your post, I sent a Rip-An-Ani email to John Kerry. He send out a very "nice" email on how we gotta stop the Crazy Bushies' extremist Supremos nominees. And "We Shall Not Be Cowed" verses ripped off from MLK, Jr.

Sheeee-it, John. Why is he preaching to US?? We wanted him to take a chainsaw to the torsos of Swift Boat Liars AND weasel John McCain when he defended Kerry's military service record then boomeranged right back to the RNC Den of Iniquity in NYC.

Sheeee-it, John. Why ain't you smacking Steny Hoyner (he of the let's get rid of this Two-Terms only stuff) and Jamocha Joe Lieberman upside their heads and peni. Not us.

Kerry never got it about righteous head-cracking and well-deserved ass stomping.

Do not adjust your meds, Driftglass.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Driftglass, don't you keep a tip jar for such priceless rants? As usual, you nailed it, front, left and center; no need to go right...

Arvin Hill said...

This is exactly the reason I was one of the chorus of folks who begged you to start your own blog instead of confining your comments on other people's blogs. And I've never implored anyone else to do that.

Your love of language speaks for itself. Reading your missives dampens my tendency toward self-consciousness with regard to my use of profanity.

So now it's time for another request:
Get started on the goddamn book!

Anonymous said...

Don’t want to restart the fight from Gilliard’s here, but I have to call bullshit here. Of those 300,000 words you claim are all fair game, I can think of two, “nigger” and “faggot”, that you are unlikely to use as insults for persons who deserve to be insulted. That is because you understand the hurtful implications to persons of African descent and to homosexuals when you use those words as insults. Why is the word “cunt” different? I don’t think you are being honest with your readers or with yourself when you defend the use of that word as an insult. I understand that we are living in a time of hyper-gendered politics, and that insecurity with their own masculinity/heterosexuality most likely underlies some of the outrageous acts of our political enemies. But I also believe you can call someone unmanly without also calling him woman-like. Men and women are not opposites, and I can assure you that many women who are not otherwise “butch” have more of the manly virtues than Karl Rove does (I know I do). The quivering mushy men of Wingnuttia can be emasculated without making them out to be women.

jurassicpork said...

The words that I *do* resent are ones that are couched in dishonesty. Such words, for example, are "corner", "crisis", and, the biggie, the word that the GOP uses that pcukers every liberal asshole from my home state of Massachusetts to San Francisco, "reform."

Dig your blog, dude. I never thought there'd be another Rude Pundit out there.

Anonymous said...

mama...I think you're missing part of the point. And forgive me, I'm speaking for Driftglass here but this is what I read out of it.

When Steve posted his first response, on the blog, not in comments to this, he said something to the effect that the cunt could never be used.

Personally, I disagree with that. Perhaps it's just a matter of parsing what Steve said but from what I read, he was taking the word out of play, as it were. I think that's wrong (again, it's not wrong for Steve on his blog, wrong in my opinion, in general). I think there are times when that word could be used. As well as the two you cited above. Are there extremely limited times when it might acceptable? Absolutely, yes.

mama, I agree, the "men" of the right can emascualted without insulting women AND I think we can do that without taking words off the proverbial table. And I'm not even suggesting that the words should be used, rather, I'm arguing for a discourse that has no limitations other than the judgment of the participants.

Will mistakes occur?

Undoubtedly. But that is no reason to censor one another. Rather, it's an opportunity for each of us to educate one another on what is hurtful, what is "over the top" and what may not be.

I'm not sure if this is coming off the way I want it to, so I'll end it here. I agree with your point mama, just not your solution.

Anonymous said...

Drift, I defer to NO one in my admiration for your fertile brain, and your good heart, but I would like to, respectfully, second Daniel's motion. We are not All peckerheads down here. And the numbers who aren't are growing.

And, if we could just find a way to somehow get some populisim, and just a bit of enlightened self-interest about taxes, the environment, public education, etc., across to all the poor crackers, who are led around by the nose by all the jingoistic assholes, then we could do some REAL damage to the the ideas and views of the country-wreckers, Iraq, AND ours.

Smooch, TB

Anonymous said...

So, if I refer to the male spawn of the Bush family as "Bar's Enema Bag Backwash", you're OK with that?

Absolutely accurate description of the bastard brood.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Post, Just Brilliant!! My dream blog-you and Wolcott tag teaming anyone, right or left.

As to "The News Blog" and just about everywhere, when did disagreeing with someone get to mean the same thing as disrespect? You know, if someone had agreed with Jen, and said "you go girl" that would be okey and yet calling a grown woman a girl grates with me WORST than anything. Do woman go all ballistic when their special friend is called "a dick"?

Steve needs to learn what Tom and Nicole, and Ben and Jen, and Bill and Hillary have learned-liking you doesn't mean we will automatically transfer our "affections" to your special friends despite their abilities.

Mister Roboto said...

High school is often an excerise in Darwinian survival.

Yes, there were kids who were picked on by those who themselves were picked on, and this formed something of a pecking order. Have you ever wondered what it was like for the person on the very bottom of that pecking order? Well, that person was me. (My social skills were largely nonexistent, but I won't bore you with the details of all that.) And even though it was years and years ago and you're supposed to have a stiff upper lip and be a good 'Merkan and stuff, that single experience probably did more than anything else to make me who I am today. And who am I today? Someone surprisingly intact and well-adjusted for what he went through, but someone who remains a largely outcasted social misfit because Brad and Buffy Normal can tell right away that I'm not someone who is a member of their little "club" of acceptable people. And your experience of life in America has a lot to do with whether or not you're in "The Club". It may not be as vicious as it was back in high school, but "The Club" remains alive and well all throughout adulthood. And what you have to do and be to get in it is something that is programmed on the subconscious level and can't be learned by being subjected to the forced improvement attempts of those who would make you into some kind of "fixer-upper" project to boost their own callow little egos.

And yes, perhaps I'm feeling just a tad bitter about it all.

Anonymous said...

High school (puberty) is hell on everyone, period. If everyone could walk a while in the shoes of those they "envy because their life seems so blessed", maybe everyone would realize that everyone envies someone, everyone is, at the heart of it, wallowing in insecurities. That is what makes us human. I think it can be as bad to have alot of tickets, to have people have HUGE expectations of you, and yet never seem be able to meet those expectations, and to never be allowed to be just human.

driftglass said...


All I can add is that most everyone was bullied at one point or another, but not everyone was stalked and terrorized systematically and over a course of years. People who were bullied, if they’re decent (and most people are decent) try to empathize, but I don't know if they can really understand. I was one of the “elect” who were so tagged and I and my compatriots lived in a parallel universe from most people. Bullied is being picked on and called a fag (since we’re on that topic); terrorized it being beaten until you can’t see straight, or being kicked down flights of stairs, week after week, for years, with absolutely no one in authority intervening to save you. Ever. It is to come to simply expect as “normal” that on any given day will be caught, robbed, gut-punched until you vomit and then laughed at. To come to believe that school = pain. And, yes, you grow past it and become an adult and hopefully learn something from it...but you never get over it.

Tanbark & Daniel,

Who you tellin’? :-) I live in a country called ‘Murrika that the rest of the civilized world thinks of as being packed end-to-end with fake, dumbass cowboys, Elmer Gantrys and drooling illiterates. Being overgeneralized into groups that we don’t agree with is unfair, and I tell my international friends that we’re not all like that...and that we’re trying really hard to change he Status Quo. (OTOH, the social contract implies that, as an American, I an indeed ultimately responsible for George Bush, which is what obligates me to work for change in the same way you do.) I know that the “South” is not an affliction, that good men & women are working very hard to change things, and that there are plenty of Segregationists on the South Side of Chicago. I don’t say it nearly enough, but Southern Liberals working locally have some of the hardest rows to hoe, and some of the most important work to do. Having said that, one cannot help but notice how the electoral map breaks down... along a which Line which, uh, conspicuously rhymes with Manson/Nixon :-) Smooch.

Thank you very much for your comments. Language is tricky and under constant negotiation, so let me say first that if someone is just standing on their hind legs and screaming “cunt” at the top of their lungs, they are a contemptible creature who deserves to be shunned. And that people who are bent on finding an alibi or excuse for dumping their bigotry into the mix are going to find a way. After all, didn’t Chevy Chase say “nigger” on SNL? Didn’t Lenny Bruce have a whole routine and John Lennon have a whole song built around it? And so because it's street lingo in every fifth movie, some racists feel that they now have permission to run off at the mouth.

I’ve gotten smacked before for using the word slut (insulting to sex workers), “hysterical” (because of its female etymology), “nigger” (in a piece of fiction, in dialogue between two racists, one of whom had just committed a murder) and a bunch of others. And I have, on occasion, gone too far and deserved to get slapped. The problem is, there will never be a reliable place to draw a line forever-and-always between acceptable speech and unacceptable, so I must still lay claim to the whole of the language, use my best judgment and hope I do OK.

So will I ever actually call some Bush family stooge a “faggot”? No, because its cheap and it says more about the hates and limited skills of the user than anything else. But will I ever refer to a David Brooks or Scotty Dog as one of Dick Cheney’s pet catamites?
I might, but then I am a low-born, liberal and perverse.

Thank you again.

Jurassicpork & Other Mary & rockstar

Thank you so very much for your kind words.

I felt like shit for doing precisely because I knew what it was like to be on the other end of the barrel.

The only time I adjust my meds is when I add ice.

“Responsible” profanity.

The Christian Progressive Liberal
Tip jar, maybe one day soon. We’ll see.

ice weasel,
The thing over at Steve’s just got me thinking is all. What’s acceptable? What’s effective? What’s honest?

We’re all sinners here. We all have our primal, primate moments of weakness...especially when we are young, so I’d bet its very, very common.

Anonymous said...

I'd honestly like to know what your opinion on the Gilliard brouhaha is. Those who've followed, know Jen sucks up to you on every occasion possible. The other night she acted like she was on some bad shit, and the result, with Steve coming in to rescue his damsel was the loss of a prolific and often helpful commenter. Are we just following form here, or is there an essential honesty that needs to be said. The blog host is just that a host, and has an obligaton to his/her guests. Where the house rules are loose and raunchy, as at Gillard's, they should expect like in comment. Gilliard has, no doubt, created a class site. Jen is a weird artifact of that site. So what is a blog when it becomes so high profile that its outgrown its humble roots? Are we still playing by schoolyard rules?

Anonymous said...


I am the oldest of four and the only girl and grew up in a small town, oh god, in the deep south, in a pretty affuent family. I sorta find it hard to believe that there wasn't a "me" in your life. I grew up hating "bullies".

Between my younger brothers and my neighbor across the street(suffered with a permanent limp from polio, had glasses from early childhood that looked like a comedy store product, was slight of build) I spent alot of my youth, pre-puberty, defending their right to retain their personal property and their right to exist in our neighborhood (I would have spent alot of my post-puberty life if my mother didn't stop my freedom-damn being born a girl).

Not so long ago, one of my sons, and then the other, admitted that they spent most of their years in public school NEVER going to the bathroom from the time they left home until they returned. I queried my brothers, and their experience was the same. I SAW RED!!! Really, I would have defended their right to use the bathroom in school in safety with my life if I could have. And neither my brothers nor my sons would, I think, have been considered the bottom of some pecking order. I didn't know and was not in the same school with my brothers at the same time, possibly a good thing.

My neighbor grew up under my somewhat watchful eye, but then went on to be an equipment manager for the sports teams in high school (oh transference). I would hear that some jocks had locked him in a locker or the trunk of a car, and then, hannah bar the door, I was making a stink. But why would he put himself in that position (maybe because I was a cheerleader) while I was pretty good one on one or two, but a whole team? Maybe there is a reason neither he nor I had alot of dates in high school, and I am somewhat grateful he moved away to go to college when we graduated from high school-I can not imagine he and I at the same college locked in the same relationship, yet again.

At any rate, I was one of the golden girls, and I hated most of the jocks, never dated one, and grew up a grave disappointment to most my small town peers. We all have our "crosses to bare", and we do not change, what ever is there, is there. I have not seen my neighbor for 35 years, but I still wonder if he is okay, I did used to hear through his mother that he has married and was happy. I moved away years ago but I STILL HATE BULLIES!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous- I suck to Driftglass all the time too because I love his writing, even thought the two of us are both searching for the same LLL (libidinous liberal lass). Good thing we live indifferent states ;-)

But you know this ain't Gilly's blog, and if we want to talk about that then we should shift URL's. Us librul's do enough intellectual dissecting of reality as it is...

PS- Which anonymous are you? I can never keep y'all straight in my mind.

driftglass said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
driftglass said...

Previous comment was from me, but I goofed it up, so here it is again...

I'm not much interested in discussing what's going on in the Big Blog down the street.

I will say that there's a quote around somewhere by Harlan Ellison that I can only sorta remember(possibly citing someone else) saying that really the only obligation of a writer is to say, "this is where I'm at now and this is how things look to me here."

Ellison once made a big fucking hairy public deal that he was NEVER going to write for teevee again. Ever! And then a few years later, lo and behold, he was writing for the Glass Teat again, and just as honest about why he came back as why he left. I'm sure he was sincere both times, because that's the way life goes, and he did a creditable job of reporting how his life was changing without fear of looking foolish about his return to till in the fields that he had spurned.

Honest reportage of where he was...and what the world looked like from there.

That's all a writer owes anyone, and a good writer who writes an honest stick will always find me in the cheap seats, applauding the effort

Mr. Natural said...

And we will have a party where we dance on thier graves, among other fulfilling pagan square dances!
Fuck 'em. The sonsabitches have lied and murdered and twisted to the point that there ARE NO RULES, much less that I feel bound to follow.
The rules of Anaconda Corp? Those of Catholocism?
Rules my aching ass...rules were good to run Nixon out of town, but this time? See you in the streets.

Anonymous said...

It’s gone all “Rashomon” now. Everybody can lay claim to a view of how it all went down when things got Dan Quayle-stupid a few nights ago at Gilly’s and Jen’s.

I was there for awhile and posted midway through the thread, but checked out before…well…wow…let’s just

I checked back the next day after some good ‘ol intense up-til’ 3 a.m. family drama.

When I did check back and saw what looked like what the poor bastard who discovered the Clutter family’s remains must have seen, I thought about a couple of things. First, I thought about that slightly preachy, but really f*cked up episode of “The Twilight Zone” entitled, “The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street” where fear and paranoia over a potential alien landing cause a town’s population to slaughter one another as the actual aliens look on, laughing at how the dolts on Maple Street basically did their job for them. It was my first thought upon picking up the thread where it left off and seeing the verbal carnage that had ensued.

I posted on it there. And after that, something else popped into my head. A memory I hadn’t thought about in about 12 years.

When I was around five years old, Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated. I remember the day. I was home on a half-day from school and I can recall the TV bulletin, then a frantic rush around the house by my mom to a radio, and then a breakneck flipping between different radio and TV stations and the phone then ringing off the hook seemingly every 20 seconds. I remember my mama ashen faced, sometimes sobbing into the phone, other times consoling someone on the end of the line and then sometimes silent, shaking her head with her hand over her mouth, just going “Mmmmmmmmhhhh-Mmmmmmh” into the receiver.

Just then, I heard what sounded like a lunatic shouting in the courtyard.

“F*ck this sh*t!”

“F*ck this sh*t!”


It wasn’t the usual screaming freak from the area, Mr. Douglass, who’d caterwaul over a stray Creamsicle wrapper on his stoop. This was fresh crazy, a new voice just out of the incubator of wild sh*t a’ goin’ down in the world outside.

Mere minutes later, my mom had my siblings and I prepped for an odd, unexpected nap. As she hustled my brothers and sister off to bed, I paused by the hall window of our fifth floor walkup on W. 115th St. in Harlem. I always looked out that window, daydreaming, watching the sun play off the terra-cotta building tops and occasionally pushing a stray baby shoe or box of tissues off the ledge, just to hear the distant “poonch!” as it landed five floors down. Next thing I knew, I was swept up into my mom’s arms, given half a cup of warm milk and then off to the land of nod.

I awoke a couple of hours later, supremely groggy and stumbled to the kitchen where the door was closed and all I could hear was my mom’s slippers “pap, pap, pap” across the linoleum as my father exasperatedly sighed “Priscilla…please stop pacing.” I walked back to my window perch, to look out on my little stretch of the world and the view was a horror. Plumes of smoke as far as the eye could see from buildings galore, flames licking here and there, Five-O sirens swirling from every direction, People throwing sh*t off rooftops and howling in pain. The comfortable little spot I liked to look out on the world from was now a twisted crazy thing unrecognizable from mere hours before. What the f*ck had happened?

That…is how I felt upon looking harder at that craziness in that thread the News Blog from the night before.

There was so much venom, vindictiveness, intransigence and ego-puffing that it led to people who have far more in common than difference to skip verbal hand-to-hand and go straight to emptying every rhetorical SS20 and Minuteman silo they had. And like I said there, I know for a fact that clowns from über-extreme right came over and laughed like Frank Gorshin’s Riddler at folks on the side of right flaying each other with the King’s and lowly Serf’s English . How did it get there? Via terror winning, that’s how. The London bombers won by getting us to twist and contort ourselves into unrecognizable things as they sat back and laughed about how we were doing it to ourselves. Sh*tty, mean-spirited rhetoric got lobbed around and so did some busted rebar coarse language that should never have been uttered. It got so out of hand in the wee-hour posts to where point where you couldn’t recognize the posters from their previous posts on the blog.

I’m glad I missed it when it got awful…but I still felt bad upon reading the stuff as some of the language personally offended me. Things the poster wouldn’t have known would sting as I keep certain background about myself to myself. But that morning I vented and let it be known how bad I felt—for the posters themselves and how I felt bad myself as some of the harsh language inadvertently tagged bystanders (me). Some folks allegedly opted to de-bookmark the blog or take a hiatus—but I wasn’t one of ‘em. A little chagrined I might have been, but I figured I’d just chalk it up to a bad day with worldwide effect.

Still, the incendiary words bothered me, and then I read Driftglass’ post here on language. And I have to say he’s right (save for tossing round’ the unholy trinity of c*nt, f*ggot and n*gger). The blogosphere is like a wild alien bull were trying to ride out of the chute like your average bucking steer—except this mother f*cker’s got four horns, spikes on its back, a dagger for a tail and wings that enable it to fly twenty feet per jump. It’s a different f*cking animal, folks. Opinions can go up in a moment—no webmaster lag to allow for a change based on an “oops!” catch of something patently offensive. And because of the fast-paced quality of this medium, I’m just saying that I’m all for using every one of the 300,000-plus words available to me, but I’m not gonna access all 300K of ‘em for every person I deal with via the web. If I’m disagreeing with a kindred spirit, I’m gonna go for the Judo words—let the opponent’s own strength take ‘em down. I’m not gonna go with “Matrix Lobby Scene” firepower on a teammate. With 300,000 words at one’s beck and call, one can always find a less caustic word or phrase to go to in debate with a kindred soul. Now…when it comes to the enemy…a motherf*ckah who’s got it in mind to willfully hurt, retard, or otherwise sh*t on folks in a jam, or circumvent the law or worst of all, support rank evil…well then…

Ain’t no problem going verbal “Butterbean” on that bastard, b*tch, f*ckstick or harpy in a Minnesota minute. No prose judo for that crew—it’s all about the dropping of rhetorical overhand right after rhetorical overhand right until I hear a splash from the motherf*ckah’s head. All 300,000 words come into play there. Sh*t. Dead languages, pictograms and talking West African drums enter the selection progress then. I believe in saving the verbal MOABs for the “people” whose plans need to be destroyed. Scorched earth, b*tches. Fatman and Littleboy sentences for them. Bikini Atoll paragraphs for the truly evil.

But I think we should hold those in reserve when disagreeing within the ranks. The wingman you destroy is one less person who’s got your back when the enemy drops in fro 12 O’clock high. I’d rather drop my hardest sh*t on the people I need to hurt the most.


“Dr. Reynolds? Aw hell, I’ll keep it real—hey Insta-Faubus! You sir, are a greasy, mendacious sh*tstain on the clean bedding of humanity.”


“Drudgy, Drudgy, Drudgy…what can I say about you that hasn’t been said about Ebola? You’re a vile, dangerous thing. You bring darkness wherever you go and your lies eat the brain and could make a rock’s *ss bleed. The latter of which is quite the reverse irony for you”


Save the thermonuclear stuff for the cockroaches you want to burn out of their crevices.

Pause a minute and re-read your disagreements with your fellow squad member before you hit enter or publish.

That is all. “Scrooonnnnnnk!” :)


And P.S. to Driftglass: Youse a bad mutha-hubbard, dog. Please continue to open the "Food Service Packs" of whoop*ss on those who need such. :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, Blues, I'm no current anon here, and haven't posted as anon anywhwere for years. But this whole business at Steve's has been so toxic I'd rather not say. I posted a couple of times "that night", and a post moprtem or two -- short -- trying to call for some sanity and calm the waters, to no avail. The whole damn thing was disturbing,and I agree with the above about not burning our assets so to speak, but to save that fire power for the opposition. But, in the wild blog west so often the gun rules.

Anonymous said...


"’s all about the dropping of rhetorical overhand right after rhetorical overhand right until I hear a splash from the motherf*ckah’s head."

A thing of verbal beauty, that. A diamond in a sea of emeralds and rubies. If you can deliver one post a week like this, you really need to have your own blog. You'll have help, you'll have readers and you'll have contributors. I promise.

Anonymous said...

Lower, that's hot, Driftian shit!

As someone who kept up with the in-house doin's at Steve and Jen's,

Rather than bein' panic-stricken by it all, I thought it was...valid.

I don't want to re-hash it all, but I think if you're going to go after the Muslim world for not being critical enough of terrorist acts that THEIR crazies perpetrate, then you simply have to interrupt the piece, every other sentence with:

"Of course, 52 (or however many innocent civilians died in London) does not equal 20,000 (or however many innocent civilians in Iraq have died, and ARE dying...)"

And so forth...

ANY isolation of the London tragedy, from the ongoing carnage and mayhem that George Bush and his coterie of flaming turds have inflicted on Iraq, and the world, no matter how well intentioned, or, maybe, just temporarily forgetful, is...wrong. And that, I think, is what the...uhhh...unpleasantness was about.

It's also about the site growing pains. The original "crew" gets settled in, much as we are doing here, and inevitably, and APPROPRIATELY, new people discover that Steve, and now Drift, have a place where decent, angry, and MOSTLY INTELLIGENT people can get in a good rant, and read some other good rants. And there are different opinons on what is going on, and what should be going on.
That's no reason to panic. The glue holding us together will not dissolve because of a debate about whether or not events in Iraq are moving inexorably toward partition. (I think they are...)
But, most importantly, with the MSM "newshounds" laid up underneath the bushCo front porch, as corpulent and worthless as canine Jabba-the-Hut's, Steve and Drift, we badly NEED you guys.

We should all just keep in mind, as I said on Steve's, we are free-ranging hogs, and should be, and now and then, we flash a little tusk at each other. No biggie, I think.

No one reading all that at Steve's forgot who the REAL enemy is, and that's what counts.

Anonymous said...

Talking about Muslim denial for the extremists in their midst is bizarre when we've got US Senators like Rick Santorum making excuses for pedophile priests.

But I doubt it would cause the same level of vitriol.

Anonymous said...

Damn, Drifty, I got harassed somewhat in my school years, but I never got actually beaten up. I didn't fight well enough to discourage attack, so I don't know why not. Compared to you, I had sweet school days.

You're damn right the schools don't take the problem of bullying seriously enough. Unless I am mistaken, most of those kids who snapped, brought guns to school, and killed classmates were bullied kids. I read that some school systems are starting to take the problem more seriously because of the shootings, including many in which such incidents have not occurred.

Of course, many teachers and other school staffers are overworked, so much of it probably just doesn't get noticed. The systems could hire more people, but that would cost money.
(To go aside for a bit, we need to get rid of our stupid property-tax-based system of school funding, which plays a large role in producing the "Savage Inequalities" of Mr. Kozol's book.)
I forget where I read my next comment, but bullying serves a useful purpose for an unjust social order: it teaches kids that human beings are basically stupid, irrational, malicious, and lazy, and therefore need strong authorities to keep them in line.

I wonder to what extent the same problem exists in the other Western democracies--you know, the ones that are more genuinely democratic than ours. If some data on that could be found, it might tell us how much of this problem is inherent in human nature vs. how much of it results from deficiencies of our culture.

Doing my homework in the dark, Monster from the Id

Mister Roboto said...

No one reading all that at Steve's forgot who the REAL enemy is, and that's what counts.

Hmm, I wasn't so sure about that when Jen was being all buddy-buddy with Bloomie over discussing sci-fi movies and whatnot.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Ice Weasel that the Garo Yapremian reference is surreal. Garo's numbers are impressive--sort of the like the New Deal's--but who can forget that totally wacky playoff boot-fumble-pass-handoff geek effort--sort of like Democrats today. You want to administer a half-footed Dempsey boot.

Anonymous said...

Social justice, sure, but, but, your Honor, they, they said BLAHBLAHBLAH!


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