Thursday, May 10, 2018

The King of Whataboutism Is Tired of All This Whataboutism

This is what it looks like when the little boy who demanded cotton candy morning, noon and night actually got cotton candy morning, noon and night.

BRAD "No Relation" TODD, REPUBLICAN CONSULTANT:  These are the same people who were not aghast at the Clinton administration raising tons of money from Russian oligarchs.

CHUCK TODD:   I don't want to create -- the whataboutism drives me nuts. There were investigations into all of these things.

BRAD TODD:  And when it was done the American people made their choice based on the facts.

CORNELL BELCHER, DEMOCRATIC CONSULTANT:  Bill Clinton wasn't the sitting president -- even if I give you he raised money from people all across the country -- he wasn't President of the United States. He wasn't sitting supposedly looking out for our number one interests. He wasn't in the White House. It's different when he is in the White House. I am annoyed that we have Republicans all of a sudden looking the other way on this. You should be just as outraged as anyone that Russians are doing something to our democracy.

Next on MTP Daily:  Shuck Todd leads a spicy discussion on how pundits with goatees are inherently unprincipled and probably deal meth out of the back of their van.

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