Friday, October 11, 2013

My Man Chuck Todd

Rocked the political world today by scolding President Obama for not using his Magic Wand of Power to ensorcel the Grand Old Party That Lost The Last Election Very Badly into A) Agreeing to stop taking every measure up to and including nuking the global economy to destroy his presidency and B) Actually cooperate for once.

Because Leadership!

Also since those "people out there" don't understand how gummint works, Democrats should take no comfort in the fact that the GOP is now less popular than flesh-eating atomic zombie herpes because something something Both Sides!

Wait.  No.  "Rocked the political world" is not the phase I was looking for.

What's that word?  The one that means "Repeated the same, utterly discredited Conservative-enabling lie for the millionth time in the face of evidence to the contrary so overwhelming that it threatens to crack the Earth's mantle"?

Oh yeah.



Anonymous said...

Hey Driftglass-

Since I've been reading your blog (quite the education, thanks) I've been looking at the talking heads using a "where's the BOTH SIDES DO IT?" filter. Chuck Todd outdoes Cokie Roberts in this; he may very well own the title. So natch he's the go-to guy in Washington blather.

Interestingly, since you mention the GOPs willingness to nuke the economy to destroy Obama, the irony is this: if they had NOT gone all out to do so, all the news since Oct 1 would have centered on the absolute clusterfuck that was the rollout of the ACA. It would have given the right the leverage to get what they wanted.

So that's pretty funny.

JerryB said...

Chuck was actually starting to get a little better after the online brow beating he took the other day. I guess he snapped out of it.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Jerry, he probably got a paycheck since then and remembered who is paying his wage.