Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Today In Both Sides Do It: Shuck Todd

Here is the Political Director for NBC News doing exactly what NBC News pays him to do:

I cannot help thinking that if someone walloped every prominent Beltway media custodian like Mr. Todd upside the head with a 2x4 every time they ran the "Both Sides" defense in response to another Republican atrocity, the quality of American political discourse would improve swiftly and drastically.

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dinthebeast said...

Where does one apply for that position? I even have my own 2X4...

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

Have they gotten to the both sides part where Obama harassed females left handed which is different than Trump's right handed gropes.

That Obama should be investigated to see if he in fact harassed ?

Because under the both sider conservative rules (Rule #5).
If their is no evidence of bothsider and you need to claim it. but have zero evidence. Have republican majority House create a select committee to spend tax dollars on. That every so often the GOP chair of that committee can feed the hungry media with story lines like,
"You wouldn't believe what were finding".

Or even the Trey Gowdy Goober tried and true press release statement of,
"The committee finished its 2 year long investigation and has found a lot of slime to disperse to the press. No, there is nothing in the final report that I as a former prosecutor would take into a court of law".

Simply, Blaming the worst imagined evils on HRC over Benghazi cannot be the same as Trump and his Sec. of State killings on purpose and for self pleasure the Seal that died in Yemmen or knowingly sending Americans to their deaths in Niger.
It cannot be the same under both sider rule #&.
Bothside rule # 7 states,
If the majority republican congress controls the investigations. There will be none of that on any of the republican brotherhood.
There fore no both sider implicating.
See also, Reagan's 11th Commandment, section 32.

Now excuse me while I screen out my Granddaughter's Trick or Treat tidings for republican apples with razor blades in them. Any other poison pills they like to harm those Libtard's with. Even if some of their own must be sacrificed in the process.

Gerald Parks said...

Sheese ...we are STILL waiting for returns!!!
FFS ...BOTH sides?????
Hey this IS America ...there could not have been even a rumor that the BLACK guy "waved" his hand around a woman's pussy ...let alone have the words "grab them by the pussy" come out of his mouth.
BOTH sides???
For that matter ... the white woman could not have said it.
Yeah ...we've heard the rumors!
BOTH sides!
Tod and the whole bunch of 'em should be made to "go get me a switch I can whoop yo ass!"

judeseamus said...

As luck would have it, a 2x4 fits my hands quite elegantly.