Friday, January 19, 2018

The Word Is Out On Chuck Todd

Chuck "Shuck" Todd has one job: to run in circles yawping about the horrors of "!!Both Sides!!" in the face of every Republican atrocity.  Sure, to land a job like that you have to turn your man yams over to Phil Griffin who reportedly keeps them in a Chivas Regal bag and plays them like castanets at Comcast office parties.

Hence the nickname, The Comcastrati.

But there are upsides to this degrading job too.  For example, you get to take home more money in a week than most Americans will see in a year and you enjoy the professional respect of your fellow Comcast employees like Hugh Hewitt, Bill Kristol, Peggy Noonan, Rich Lowry, Joe Scarborough and Charlie Sykes.

And this has been the Beltway media status quo for longer than I care to think about.

And then along comes Twitter, which I will be the first to admit is the digital equivalent of the wall of the average dive-bar men's room.  But it can also have a real, two-by-four upside the head effect when the Good Boy and Girls on the Left use it as a lens to focus their fire.

So now, when Chuck Todd tries to leave a bag of flaming dog poo like on America's porch and run away --

-- the response online is swift, brutal and heartening.

Oh, it just goes on and on. Made me smile real big.

Of course, to be fair, there's always an asshole at every picnic.

And that asshole is almost always an "independent".


Jimbo said...

Love this string of comments on the laziest TV "journalist" evah: the Toddler himself along with that mysterious growth on "both sides" of his mouth. Ryan and McConnell are absolutely the worst Congressional leaders I have seen in my lifetime. Tom Delay was a genuinely evil person but he at least got stuff done.

Fuzzbone said...

NPR Morning Edition chose to cover this story by interviewing a Congressman. Guess what party? And not just a GOP Congressman, but a member of the "Freedom (sic) Caucus"

trgahan said...

"....and that asshole is almost always an "independent"."

Also usually a socially and economically secure white male who will insist on his mother's grave he's worked hard to earn everything he's got and has never experienced any "privilege" liberals are always going on about.

RUKidding said...

NPR is no longer even "Nice Polite Republicans." It has devolved into National Propaganda Network, and my advice is to stay very clear of it. I do. I refuse to listen to their Fox-Not-So-Lite Fake Nooz anymore bc it is So. Bad. Turn it off or your ears'll explode.

The Toddler, of course, probably gets a big fattie boner, uh, bonus for saying Both Sides are responsible for the potential Shut Down. Of course, I think NPR, along with its brother network Fox, is saying it is solely and only the fault of Democrats.

Because why not? Of course the Dittoheads out there will dutifully nod their Dittoheads and agree wholeheartedly that it's the horrid Libtards who always ruin everything!!1! And this time, the Libtards is even screwing over teh Poorz, the bastard hypocrites!11!

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Such a bald-faced Lie is also a two-fer because it's a good distraction from the great Orange Shithole and whatever dumbfeck stuff he's screwing up today.

Meremark said...

Liking both comments. It's like Big Bother.

Robt said...

REmember all that bi partisanship McConnell ond top GOP leadership was quoted saying during Obama's inauguration. "Out number one goal is to make Obama a one term president"

Remember how both sides took on that battle cry? That they would make government fail to meet their goals?

Let me see, The GOP who now says they aren't in full control, used that full control to add $2 trillion to the national Debt to give more inheritance babies like Paris Hilton the chance in life never having to work for a living.

GOP previously plucks out CHIP and does not fund it. As well as DACA that was in place.
Now they are bargaining chips to get Dems to vote to spend money on Deporting and a Wall the president promised Mexico will pay for?

Seems to me Chuck Todd reported on the last budget extension that, the Dems took advantage of the poor weak minded GOP. How wrong they were to ask for certain funding in a budget GOP had full majority control. I mean just because the FreeDumb Cockass is OK with spending on walls and inheritance babies but not funding government. many specific programs we are taxed specifically for. Even when they divert that money to their pet projects of ideology.

I think if you go back and look at budgets during the Obstructionism of Obama years by GOP. You will find Chuck Todd making points for the poor picked on minority GOP. How Dems should be more accommodating to compromise 90% of their agenda for GOP votes. While accomplishing 10% of their agenda.

Oh, What happened to the Chuck Todd that said, "it is not his job to make conclusions. Just report. Just have on republicans and let them say what ever they want as truth no matter how enlarged the lie is".
Where did that Todd go to?

Keep in mind,

This is the 2nd short term budget. It will merely extend to Mid Febuary.

But GOP majority can pass what they call, "they greatest tax overhaul in the history of heaven and Hell. And do it for 10 years......!

But this budget can only make it for another month.??????????????

To give GOP time to find something else in government to pluck out and take hostage?

Fight fire with fire. They saying goes and is appropriate at times.

since CHIP and DACA are GOP captured hostages of their enemy the DEms.

The Dems should use that FAVORITE WORD OF DONALD TRUMP., "Reciprocate".
In other words, Dems need to take hostages of republican normal dear to heart staples.. Capture them. Hold them hostage for the GOP held hostages.

And doing it without all the hate, vile spitting, barfing, anger the GOP produced as justification. I sort of like the soft justification with the hard blunt negotiating.

One thing for sure is,
Chuck Todd is more concerned with providing GOP with their needs in media to hold GOP favor to agree to book on his show so they can lie with freedom of the press.
Thing is, the media has never seemed to take this favored position with Dems. Minor exceptions.

Most main media say with GOP have power, that is why they have them on so much.

Yet, when GOP is in minority. That premise changes.

Where media says the minority (GOP) need to be heard.
So we here both sides of GOP.
The majority side and then the minority side.

John M. Hall said...

"I'm an independent!"

Maybe instead we should start calling these people DEPENDENTS because they depend on both-siderism to bail them the f*ck out of any responsibility for their voting of awful people into government to f*ck everything up or responsibility for f*cking it all up while in office.

Unknown said...

Manufactured consensus, for the WIN! "Nothing you need to worry yer pretty li'l head about, missy. Just move it along." This would be the occasion we need to rise to in our time. The slo-mo rebellion is now come to a head. "Which side are you?" on carries its meaning right out there.