Thursday, November 19, 2015

The March of the Comcastrati Continues

Q: What could possibly alienate MSNBC's few, remaining Liberals viewers even more than programming an hour a day of Mark Halperin drooling into the laps of his Conservative puppet-masters?

A:  Reruns of Mark Halperin drooling into the laps of his Conservative puppet-masters.

From Politico (h/t Mr, Frostback):

MSNBC in talks with Bloomberg to re-air John Heilemann-Mark Halperin show

By HADAS GOLD and JOE POMPEO 11/19/15 02:32 PM EST Updated 11/19/15 02:52 PM EST

MSNBC is in talks with Bloomberg for a deal that would allow the network to re-air John Heilemann and Mark Halperin's hourlong 5 p.m. politics show, "With All Due Respect," New York Magazine's Gabriel Sherman reports, and we can confirm.

Rumors about a possible deal between the hosts and MSNBC have been circulating in recent weeks. Sources familiar with the talks confirmed they were in progress. According to Sherman, one scenario being discussed is to air "WADR" at 6 p.m., filling Al Sharpton's old time slot. Reached by phone and email a couple of weeks ago, Heilemann would not discuss the talks.

Such an arrangement with MSNBC would not be so novel for Bloomberg. Bloomberg produces and airs "Charlie Rose," but PBS gets first airing privileges. Heilemann and Halperin already have a relationship with MSNBC, appearing frequently as guests on "Morning Joe," an arrangement that has reportedly rankled some Bloomberg employees. Halperin was described to POLITICO as being "tight" with NBC News chief Andy Lack, who is said to be driving the discussions.

"WADR" debuted in October 2014 along with the corresponding website Bloomberg Politics, where Heilemann and Halperin draw reported $1 million salaries for contracts that are expected to continue through 2016...
These people hate us so damn much.


Don P said...

Well, since Andy Luck is going full on "To Hell With it Mode" in a effort to tank his network, I have a few suggestions:
1) The Steve Kornacki Variety Hour; sure he's poor man's version of Chuck Todd (let that sink in) who's big career break is that he once interned in the New Jersey state house, but did you know he could sing and dance? And if that doesn't work out we dig up that game show gimmick again! (Is Nell Carter still alive and available?)

2) Harold Ford Jr. Sings the Blues; Nobody can bring you Wall Street's Pain quite like the musical stylings of Harold Ford. Harold rides in on a helicopter, performs a little diddy, rides back out again. Pure Rat Pack, baby. Have you met his dear friends, LLoyd Blnkfein, Jamie Dimon, and Mike Barnicle?

3) Classic Hardball; Debuting Jan 21, 2017, relive the days when Jack Welch paid intrepid cub reporter Chris Mathews to chase Slick Willie's Pecker all over the Beltway! See how this warped old loony bird Made His Bones!. (Hey, it'll have to do until we can get a real scandal! Benghazi!)

dinthebeast said...

"Rumors about a possible deal between the hosts and MSNBC have been circulating in recent weeks."

They have it backwards. H&H are the parasites, MSNBC (and by extension their audience) are the host...

-Doug in Oakland

Jerry B said...

There is a club...