Thursday, April 05, 2018

Ars Longa Fundraiser, Day Five: The Fourth Estate


No cabal of unelected influencers has done more to sugar the gas tank of our democracy than the American corporate political media.  Of course, the clearest and most explicit example of traitors-in-suits getting away with murder by calling themselves "news" is the sprawling, Fox News/Hate Radio propaganda empire.

Nine years ago, as bland and easy-listening publication as Newsweek was publishing articles on "Why Fox News is Un-American",  to which your humble scrivener responded, in part:
There are no good arguments left in favor of trying to reason with the swine dregs left at the base the Conservative movement. They have had their heads buried so deep up Murdoch's, Ailes'and Limbaugh's collective asses that irreversible moral hypoxia has set in. They are a cultural deadloss and their beliefs are a pestilence, and until the plague rats of the Right are directly confronted, quarantined and driven into the sea, there will be no end to the havoc they wreak on our civilization.
Nine years ago. Nine very long years.  So the next time you hear any Serious Conservative Media Person trying to tunnel their way out of responsibility for the disaster their party has unleashed on this country by pretending that all Republican evil arrived entirely by surprise just two years ago via escalator, you are encouraged to hand them this post and invite them to fold it until it's all points and then shove up so far up their ass they can taste the adjectives.

Because that concatenation of fascists, white supremacists, hookers and con men on the Right side of our political spectrum would be little more than an embarrassing national sideshow were it not for their many, many busy little helpers in the so-called mainstream media.

Little helpers who have used their positions of power and prestige to lend their institutional credibility to the denizens of the wingnut media freakshow and who diligently deflect/dissipate legitimate and factual criticism of the Republican party by running in circles and screaming "Both Sides" every time the Right tries to blow up another pillar of civilization.

Little helpers at whom I have leveled my tiny portion of ire over these past 13 years, and to whom this post is dedicated.

There is, of course, the Comcast corporation's very own cyborg who was sent from the future to destroy America.

And the entire cast of America's white supremacist journal of record, who were waved en masse into respectability by the Beltway Old Guard because, in their relentless toxic fetish for fake "balance", the networks reached a moment of Hobson's Choice where anyone on the Right who could form complete sentences without drooling or conjuring the ghost of Lee Atwater is now treated as the second coming of Bill Buckley.

There are the mortal remains of Tom Brokaw.

Charlie Sykes, who does not like being reminded of his past as the Rush Limbaugh of Wisconsin radio.

The Fundamentally Ridiculous Matthew Dowd and his on-again-off-again sidekick, Ron Fournier.

Mark "Helicopter" Halperin, who is in exile but neither forgotten nor forgiven and who, I suspect, is somewhere right now, with nose pressed flush against the screen of a 124" plasma teevee, screaming, "For the love of God, pleeeeease let me back on camera to talk about Centrism and the unreasonableness of Democrats and stuff!"

Mr. Todd's predecessor and Newt Gingrich hype-man, David "Fluffy" Gregory.

Joey Joe Joe Junior Scarborough.

Ross Cardinal Douthat.

And the beat goes on...

I seem to have left at least one very prominent member of the Fourth Estate off of this roll of honor.

Not to worry.  Tomorrow is another day :-)

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Neo Tuxedo said...

They have had their heads buried so deep up Murdoch's, Ailes'and Limbaugh's collective asses that irreversible moral hypoxia has set in.

Now I wonder if Alec Holowka, or any of the other developers of the computer adventure game Night in the Woods, ever read that original post. This seems possible for two reasons:
a) as you can see in that Wikipedia entry, the game's themes include "the stagnancy of the middle and lower classes, and the slow death of small town America";
b) at one point, cat-headed protagonist Mae Borowski, having had enough of gator-headed small time hoodlum Steve Scriggins' crap, tells him "Bite my entire ass!" and, when he asks for clarification, expounds "Go legally brain dead from lack of oxygen due to choking on my entire ass!"

This has been another *WHAM!* Useless Fact™.

dominictemple said...

Well... that was quick. Looks like Williamson has been fired, from what I've just ssen it seems like the Atlantic pulled a McCain and hired someone who sounded good without checking their background thoroughly. Oops. I'm sure some other media company will hire him as their own never Trumper conservative.

Robt said...

For those aware of the Milgram Experiment.

Note; It wasn't a pass or fail test.