Sunday, March 25, 2018

Today In Both Sides Do It: Hugh Hewitt

Comcast's most famous cyborg sent from the future to destroy America has a few predictably inhuman thoughts on guns which will in no way surprise anyone familiar with his work.

Mr. Hewitt's fellow Comcast employee, Joe Scarborough, is just as bad:

There is no tragedy which Both Siderism cannot cheapen.

There is no darkness which Both Siderism cannot deepen.

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eddie blake said...

"demonization that WAS practiced"

"be part of KILLING sensible COMPROMISE."

soo passive. soo like joey scar WASN'T part of gingrich's gestapo in the 90's.

like hewitt doesn't use his perch on the gargoyles overlooking our MEDIA to do nothing but KILL compromise in its CRIB.

goddamn these fucking people.

RUKidding said...

Well that didn't take long. It's almost like there's some sort of, uh, hmmmm, lemme see, er, "think" tanks - funded by the mega-wealthy psychopaths who OWN and RUN this country - out there poised and ready to come up with Both SIDES!!!!!111!!! claptrap talking points in response to ANY and EVERY action that takes place in this country.

Like, as soon as some advocacy action happens that's even marginally about what should be the "rights" of the vast honking MAJORITY (studies show that the vast honking majority of citizens are well in favor of sensible and adequate gun control) of the 99%, there's that ole think tank spooge scribe coming up with some bullshit crap for some asshole "pundit" to spew forth from his shithole.

No bets. Happens 100% of the time.

Fuck Hugh Hewitt. FUCK HIM.

cvmbner said...

Wait-- let me get this straight. If *I* would just stop being so tribal, partisan, and divisive all the time, the GOP would instantly stop bending over a desk for the NRA and spewing strawman arguments like they were beer vomit.

Got it.

Davis Statton said...

Fortunately, Emma Gonzalez et al do not give a flying fuck what they say, that is, if they've ever heard of them.

Robt said...

Hugh Hewitt and Mike Pence are the very same T-2 Bots sent here to assist republicans to destroy sanity.

Both former right wing radio hosts who lost their ratings. Lost their jobs. Lost their followers because like Sykes. They became obsolete Bots when they would not actually lynch a black person from a tree live. RHINO libtards now.

Notice that the FOX isn't scooping up this robotic talent.

There is NO ONE watching MSSNBC that wants to see or hear what Hewitt spews out as an earnest opinion of his own that has any value to others (except maybe the loyal Alex Jones faithful). They are not tuned in to MSNBC. So everyone else are stuck with wasting our valued media air time on Hewitt that can be put to much better usKristol, Brooks Pat Buchannan, Newt, Santorum, Frum, Sykes and the rest of the 55 gallon drum of human excrement have absolutely nothing to offer to the public forum.

It is like Republican Iowa Representative Steve King. That blocks Americans from emailing his office unless you are from his district. Gets put on national TV to make the ugliest, partisan, hateful statements of other Americans (including outside his district) without any media screening or accountability applied and can be booked to any show at any time to do so.

This is the Deep republican state being foisted on us.