Thursday, January 12, 2017

Inconsequential Podcaster Vows To "Stand With" Some Guy You've Never Heard Of

Right after he figures out how to stand upright.

In another life, CNN part-time employee and freelance podcasting unperson, David "You Know Me From Linked-In" Gregory used to pilot the mightiest ship in the Sunday Morning Gasbag armada. 

And as your humble scrivener spent way too many years documenting, he really, really sucked at that job.

Mr. Gregory was most famous for bringing a seemingly endless procession of awful, lying Conservative shitbags onto his show and then deferred to them. His "go to" Conservative astrologer was the always-wrong David Brooks, who would be wheeled out nearly every week to a flurry to trumpets after which Mr. Gregory would read Mr. Brooks latest New York Times dreck aloud and then sigh adoringly and then ask Mr. Brooks what he thought of his own words. Mr. Gregory unfailingly went to the "Both Sides Do It" well every single time it looked like some Republican somewhere might actually be in danger of being held responsible for the latest Republican atrocity. His unwillingness to ask even the most obvious and rudimentary follow-up questions of guests who were obviously lying became a punch-line for us on the Left. And no one in the business was more responsible for repeatedly rescuing depraved grifter and Father of Modern Wingnut Industrial-Scale Hatespeech, Newt Gingrich, from a well-deserved political grave.

And now, at the tender age of 46 and having authored two undistinguished books on two subjects which the reading public were absolutely not clamoring for (David Gregory's personal spiritual journey, and the political life and times of the tepid human speedbump who was supposed to be the unstoppable force that would end the campaign of Donald J. Trump) Mr. Gregory has suddenly taken an interest in profession of "journalism": a profession upon which he, personally, inflicted immeasurable harm by sucking at it so badly when he was at it's pinnacle and caring so little about how badly he was sucking at it while he was on top.

Well good for you, Mr. Gregory. Glad you have finally, timidly risen to the defense of your own profession. Sure could have used your help before the barn burned down and all the horse died, but as I recall you were too busy stoking the barn-fire and shooting the horses to concern yourself with such things. 

But now that you and I are on the same page, great! And if you're serious -- really serious -- the single most important thing you could do would be to write a third book. An actual, St, Augustine-style confessional about how you and you're colleagues systematically weakened the institution of American political journalism by infusing it with so many Conservative moles and Both Siderist hacks and careerist cowards that when the fascists finally arrived they found our vaunted Fourth Estate so weak and compromised and left to rot that they had no trouble at all rolling right over it, laughing all the way.

If you had the guts to write and promote that book, Mr. Gregory, I promise you I would read and recommend it.


trgahan said...

The media's reaction to Trumps presser is strangely similar to that time immediately AFTER the midterm elections in which hundreds of journalists "discovered" the Tea Party was actually a bunch of loyal, life long Republican voters who defined "fiscal responsibility" by a person's skin color and party affiliation; was backed by hundreds of millions of dollars; and getting organizational help from the RNC and FoxNews.

D. said...

Crocodile tears, he's shedding.

There needs to be an annual mandatory immersive history seminar for all journalists before they show up on TV (yes, that's very directive and un-liberal; I'm feeling the need to school today) because they don't seem to understand their historic function until they retire.

Maybe you should be teaching at a journalism school.

Hubert Vale said...

Another nominee for the Profile in (Lack of) Courage award.

dinthebeast said...

Fluffy? In there? On a day like this?

-Doug in Oakland

leger said...

Excellent takedown of Karl Rove's favorite backup dancer.