Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Professional Left Podcast Episode #811: No Fair Remembering Face-Eating Evangelicals

“My point, once again, is not that those ancient people told literal stories and we are now smart enough to take them symbolically, but that they told them symbolically and we are dumb enough to take the literally.” -- John Dominic Crossan


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Tony said...

It’s not politically correct to call it “Cancel Culture” when christians do it, no matter how blatantly they are canceling someone.

dinthebeast said...

Leo Rosten in "The Power of Positive Nonsense" as an example of a spoonerism:
"Our Lord is a shoving leopard"

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Robt said...

Comment with a little delay

First a respectful thanks of your humble stance of your own faith. It is refreshing from what I normally experience. Know this (because I am a curious person) your position allows me to be interested in your faith and how it applies and works for you. When I get condemned to hell by someone, It is an open book and leaves no areas to be curious about.
It allows people like myself to respect your beliefs.
I do not get the feeling you are condemning me to hell's fire because I do not believe the same way as you.
Example, two Christian churches one block apart of each other. Both preach the others who do not attend and adhere to their church tenets are going to hell. Yes one block away the other church is preaching the same. NO, do not stop and help them if the have a flat tire. They are both engulfed in republican politics. I know because I got myself invited to service separately at each. Listened to them preach it. Christian brother hating on Christian bother. Like Cain and Abel.
To me, faith is an individual thing and for each to follow their path the best they can. Not to convert or exterminate situation. But enough of that.

For me, the Southern Baptist church has no business voting on condemning IVF as a religion that uses democratic vote with a republican religious majority to tell all their congregants what to condemn. No soul saving or soothing.

I can see a republican majority senate discarding the filibuster to pass laws that will ensure their majority for the future. To ban nationally abortion.

I watched the stacked SCOTUS cite their personal held beliefs in overturning Roe back to the states they knew would act in the manner they did with there personal held religious beliefs. All of those SCOTUS justices excitingly attended many religious functions where they received accolades and applause to boost their dainty egos of being a persecuted religious victim of abortion for so long.

I know this is only getting started for these religious corrupted zealots made possible from billionaires that will never be bothered by violating such laws.

They all rule and cited personal religious beliefs when they ruled. Thing is, the first Amendment was ignored over their personally held religious beliefs. First amendment states , Government shall not establish government. Last I knew Justices on the SCOTUS are government and they established their overturning rule of the law with their religion. Which is establishing religion.
Then their is the freedom of religion.
I can never be free if SCOTUS rules of religious laws are imposed. When State legislatures take the signal from the high court and legislate religious Bible teachings in public schools. Of course they all use their own personal held religion in doing this. They forget why many fled England/ Europe to start anew in the new world back in the day.
I am a veteran. I served in peace time training to perform the most damage and harm to America's enemies if called on. I was world wide deployable and s I was sent to many hot spots and many a skirmish es for my country. I was called on to fight in war and did. I did all of these to the best of my ability and have decorations to prove I performed my duty well and kept my oath to defend the constitution.
How is it these religious republican zealots believe their establishing religious laws could ever sit well with people like me?
No, being a veteran is not a requirement to understand that becoming a theocracy with right wing hard line politicians is basically becoming Iran. Only replacing Islam with some rash variety of Christianity is in charge.
Just knowing as I mentioned above about the Sothern Baptists. Who just decided IVF is not only unconstitutional but it is against God.

Next, Evangelicals vote to ban cancer treatment. The right to be long to any other religion. Because you have to know. That is coming.
Like the Highlander, there can be only one...............