Friday, May 17, 2024

Chris Cillizza is the Mark Halperin of Howard Kurtzes

I don't need to tell you about Chris Cillizza. Everybody knows about Chris Cillizza. Chris Cillizza is a well-studied and understood phenomenon within the Elite Pundit media universe.

Hack of the first water.

Pillar of Both Siderism

Possibly single greatest promulgator of Hillary Clinton email garbage.  From Media Matters

50 Headlines That Reveal Wash. Post Reporter Chris Cillizza's Obsession With The Clinton Email Story

Chris Cillizza has written more than 50 posts mentioning Hillary Clinton's emails since March on his Washington Post politics blog The Fix, nearly all of them issuing dire warnings about the supposedly “massive political problem.”

The New York Times first wrote about Clinton's email during her tenure at the State Department on March 2, when they falsely reported she had violated federal requirements by using a private email account. Since then, mainstream media outlets have attempted to find some scandal in the email story, often pushing various falsehoods and being forced to issue corrections after the fact. To date, there has been no evidence of any lawbreaking.

Cillizza has been a major contributor to this effort, repeatedly claiming the email story “just keeps getting worse” and that it's “not going away,” while claiming Clinton has an “honesty problem” and should “start panicking.”

Just this week, Cillizza wrote a post headlined “Just when you thought the e-mail story couldn't get worse for Hillary Clinton ...” The post misleadingly tried to repackage old email stories as new developments in the “scandal.” 

And then one day CNN had had enough and fired him.  


But as we know, there is a Club.  And members of the Club are not expected to be sidelined for long (unless they've been credibly outed as a sex pest) because keeping Club members in the Club is, y'know, the reason the Club exists.  


So anyway, Chris Cillizza is now floating around out there on SubStack and Twitter, issuing communiques and publishing mission statements of principles and generally scratching at the Clubhouse door like a dog that wants back in now!now!now!

So where does Chris Cillizza turn to maybe get the Club's Reputation Rehabilitation Laundromat working its magic for good ol' Chris?  

Where else but to show up once again as the honored guest of MSNBC's most famous subdivision (from today) --

-- and the home of our new "allies"! (from February, 2024):

So I shall make to you the same promise I made in February.  That no matter how precarious our finances become over here at this little blog. I can solemnly promise is that we will never, ever have Chris Fucking Cillizza on as an honored guest as we conduct the latest of twenty different thought experiments and gaming outs and bitch sessions and prattling claptrap roundtables about Joe Biden stepping aside.

Never, never, never, not ever.

And that, once again. is a driftglass promise from me to you.  

Now I'm not saying that Chris Cillizza should be unemployed forever.  Despite the massive harm he's done to this country and to the profession of journalism, wishing that on him would be cruel and wrong.  

But I am saying...

I Am The Liberal Media

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