Thursday, February 29, 2024

Professional Left Podcast Episode #782: Confront the Problem, Go, Fight, Win!

“Splat The Rat! Splat The Rat!” -- Timothy Dalton, Hot Fuzz


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dinthebeast said...

As someone who lived as an outlaw foe a couple of decades, I never look for the government to come save us. The exceptions to that are mostly my SSDI that has been keeping us alive since the stroke in 2008. But to get that SSDI, I paid roughly a quarter of my gross income for 32 years.
So I got covid. Briana brought it back from the East Bay, and since we live in one small room together, and it is currently snowing outside, I got it.
Thankfully, I am fully boosted and it isn't any worse than a semi-bad head cold.
When I catch myself bitching about feeling bad, I remind myself that millions of people have died from it.
Mitch the fuck McConnell should be buggered to death by a sheep. Although that would constitute animal cruelty, I think I could still abide it.
Thank you again for the podcast. The cat ventured out into the snow today to do his business, so he seems to be acclimating nicely. The big snow dump is set to begin soon, according to the NWS, there may be as much as forty inches of snow. Whether we will be functional enough to shovel the car out by Tuesday when we will need to go get groceries again remains to be seen.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Robt said...

On the subject of the SCOTUS move to protect a republican president by the justices that pretend to be republicans in robes but are truly displaying their disregard for law/ justice and Americans need to hear the trial of serious wrong doings. Wong doings we all saw materialize itself as an insurrection on J6. All the omens we heard prior. All the facts brought into the light after.
The six justices that pretend to be republican/conservatives on the high court are nothing more than corrupt insidious Greedy self righteous pawns. Who have been pampered by their wealthy overlords. Put in place to be the superior race and abuse the powers of their position as the billionaires that own the Federalist Society who has NO, no allegiance to the Constitution and the promise of American freedoms.

^ justices sworn to defend the constitution ruling and citing their personal religious beliefs on Roe. Disregarding the "Freedom of religion" and that " government shall establish no religion".
As if religion is what was missing in the Good Samaritan's heart. Titled him evil.
All 6 justices cited their personal beliefs. All 6 after their ruling, rushed to their places of worship to accept accolades. As Justices Alito flew to the Vatican for them.
Their ruling imposes the notion that lack of religion is why abortions occur.
It is not the law they adhere nor prescribe to. If they adhered to the law for their decisions, Bush V Gore would not have taken place. 3 of these justices were lawyers in this case for Bush. Getting the SCOTUS to override the Florida state supreme courts ruling to count the votes. They said stop counting and disregard state rights. Remember, state rights is their Holy Grail. As they are about to over ride state rights to ensure Trump is placed on state ballots that rejected him under the constitutions 14 Amendment.
Now these justice imposters, choose to abuse their positions of Trust. A trust that the Senate GOP sold to the Billionaires that own and operate the Federalist Society. Ensuring Trump does not have to face accountability. Giving him a chance to get elected and disappearing his "alleged" crimes.
You can watch the ScOYUS refuse to take cases of death penalty stays over and over. But a person as Trump, may have his most pervasive lies of his imagination accepted for their full review.
But enough of complaining. I want to share one of the best explaining/ reporting on what the SCOTUS 6 did and did not do.
It is from Daily Kos (Kegro radio).
If you have the time listen in. In my opinion it is a good run down. True is the accusation of all the lawyer/ judiciary pundits massively misinterpreting. How they are wrong. Do not confess to it..
How it is clear these legal TV doodles continue to think of the court as legit legal beagles following the law. leading them to legal decision. Poppycock.......
They commit tax fraud , accept gifts like a copy of Mien Kompf. Mien Kompf for the personal religion beliefs sake ..!

So here is the YouTube link.

If you care to hear it. Itis good food for thought and understanding. It also proves as you said in the podcast, "We are on our own and no one is coming to help.
Which means they succeeded in destroying one of our barriers to prevent a hostile takeover.

Bubba_Deets said...

How many more Democrats do we need before we can stop sending money and weapons to Israel?

Robt said...

To stop sending money to Israel for their death star.

How many democrats you ask is needed to stop it.

More than the amount of Americans that support it. More than amount of Americans that do not care to even vote if they vote. More than the Jewish Americans in this country that support it and more financial influence that AIPAC.

For all the religious folks, Israel is all connected to Jesus and the Bible and that give them Carte Blanche as long as they are the source of that.

I will say, retaliation was necessary and unavoidable.
If there is one nation on of people in the world that should understand like a sharp object stuck in their eye over extermination of a people. I would nonnormally tell you it would be Israel and the Israelis. Hitler should of marked this into their bone marrow.
But For the leadership of Netanyahu, becoming an exterminating (Hitler) of people of Palestine is being a proud and powerful leader.
Again, Hamas had to pay and be rooted out. Sure there are always casualties of war. But this is to the point of genocide.