Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Dispensing an Unlimited Supply of Lies, Racism and Treason, 24/7/365

I Am The Liberal Media


Kevin Holsinger said...

Good evening, Mr. Glass.
I want to say that we should find a way to harness Trump's cataclysmic Trumpiness, but I don't think it'd be good for the environment.
Best to you and your loved ones.

Anonymous said...

Haven' seen a Putz Dispenser before . . . .

Robt said...

I have one beef with the senate Democrats and President Biden.

Has to do with the stacking of the SCOTUS with Federalist society tilt on the scales. They do take orders from their billionaire federalist funders. While some as Justice Thomas accepts financial bribes (and his wife) as she becomes a insurrectionist on J^.
Justice Alito blabs out that he is not happy with Marriage and how he so tears up knowing how those that opposed this are abandoned. Sending out the "Fuck the religious rights part of the first Amendment. He is ready for his brethren to send him a lawsuit to deal with it.
My problem with Dems. The SCOTUS is only going to get more brazen. They will not require a lawsuit to take up a law to strike it down. They will just make it up and make a ruling on the issue. Beyond judicial activism.
Right now the Dems have a majority in the senate. The presidency and could nominate and confirm 3 to 4 justices without the GOP. and return balance to the court.
Ues, Manchin and Senima are two problems. There is no filibuster. I know Biden said he did not care to do it.
the court is only going to get much worse and the federalists and the Supremes will never have to obey their rulings.
* Can a Supreme Justice rule to have seal team 6 murder any opponent in their view ?
They have life time jobs and will never be impeached.

I know this, When and if the GOP takes majorities in house Senate and President. They will no doubt repeal the Filibuster to do things like national abortion ban.

But they will not even go near legal prostitution in Nevada?
I am watching many GOP controlled states and all the wild monkey shit they are passing and on their way to passing.

I tell you, they will be a GOP state that passes law to make slavery legal again. It is coming.

Lets face it, the GOP's idea of freedom matches that of Putin.