Wednesday, November 15, 2023

The Stakes

No Half Measures


Jon Sitzman said...

Good morning DG and BG.

Excellent graphic. You could also make another one - those same two photographs with no captions, and with a third pane above the two showing Kristen Welker (or Chuck Todd) laughing. The caption above the third photograph would read, "Media: These two are the same. Also, Joe Biden is OLD!"

Thanks for all you do.

Robt said...

Statesman , adequately gives acknowledgement of respect to that Biden accomplished and direction. His "We the People, for the People and by he People" stance.

But, Madman? Yes the definition fits. Just seems like it doesn't fil the basket.
Madman rings of mediocracy for this Chosen one. The greatest republican businessman to ever exist in our solar system. For me, Madman doesn't cover the omni directional Girth of ,moral wrought encompassed.

Lert me just say with madman, you are too kind.