Wednesday, September 13, 2023

...With a Whimper

So Mittens von Romney (R-Money) is leaving, but not without one, final, dusty, craven fart of Both Siderism.

President Biden offers feel good solutions that make no difference to the global climate. On China, President Biden under invests in the military and President Trump underinvest in our alliances.”

Political motivations too often impede the solutions that these challenges demand. The next generation of leaders must take America to the next stage of global leadership...

I wrote a lot about Mittens during the 2012 campaign.  His causal jokes about Birtherism.  His "severe" Conservatism.  His abject failure to understand the scope of the Great Recession.  His sucking up to Trump.  His lies about Obamacare.  His lies about Romneycare.  And if he'd been a dressage horse instead of an empty suit, after he stepped on his own dick this hard --


-- Romney probably would've needed to be humanely put down.

Which, come to think of it, is pretty much what Barack Obama did.

It's all there for the viewing for any who are curious.  

Instead, I'll just point anyone who is interested here, to this post from 2019.  Hokum's Heroes.  That about sums it up.

Because no matter how hard their heroes fail them, Never Trumpers will never stop mining that mountain of Republican horse shit, looking for that pony.  Even though we all know that, at best, all they'll ever going to find is the political carcass of a dead, dick-stomped dressage show pony.

No Half Measures


mu said...

Robt said...

Mitt is astonished that there are republicans in his republican party with him.

It probably is true that Mitt is sort of a floundering Pud fish'
in the senate GOP for voting to uphold his oath of office and cast the mighty impeachment vote on the greatest and smartest republican (Trump) to ever walk the Earth or for that matter, exist in the universe.

What Mitt finds troubling is his image. He chose to be republican and pranced around with false pride in it. He knows the GOP for a long time has been a felonious organizations. A band of prevaricators for the truth exposes their crimes on humanity.

Greed and hate is there forte.

Mitt is well aware that the dog on top of his station wagon during his republican tripping is Nixon, Is Newt. Is Livingston resigning, is Hastert going to jail over his sec with underage boys. That Reagans defied congress in his S. America authoritarian adventures. GW Bush was such a moron he had to be lead with a Dick Cheney as his leash.
That Ted Cruz really is Lying Ted. McConnell has no attractions or loyalty to America itself and the constitution that he himself lives under. That George Santos is the rising GOP star. Marge Greene, Bobet, Comer and Jordan will write Mitt's legacy of public service.
Mitt will have to rely on his Mormon Church leaders to rewrite his greatness and accomplishments for his legacy.

I noticed he did not adders his daughter in charge of being n her knees to Trump as the GOP committee chairman .

Where Rona Romney had to drop the Romney and use Rona McDaniel's to please the the chosen one. His daughter worshipping the Trump leaving his precious Mormon religion in the dust.
I am sure Mrs. Romney (Rona) was very disgusted when RNC finance chairman Elliot paid for his mistress to have an abortion so there would be no bastard son laying claims to his fortune. Taking money away from his wife and kids.

Mitt knows most of this and likes to prance high atop the palace ballroom in front of those of lesser value.

Mitt knew this and did nothing but be more self absorbed.

Which makes me end this on an old adage. When Good men do nothing. Does doing nothing make them good?

Mitt is no different than George Santos. Except Mitt voted to impeach and Santos will vote to impeach if he gets a chance.

Kelly in Texas said...

If anyone doubts the two faced hypocrisy of the GOP they have only to watch some of the ongoing impeachment trial of our (Texas) criminal Attorney General, Paxton.
His crimes were referred to the Senate for trial by a deep red, large majority Republican Texas House. The deep red large majority Texas Senate is now in deliberation after all the crimes were shown on live TV during a "trial" in the Senate chambers. Paxton's wife is one of the Senators and isn't allowed to vote but sat through the trial part and will participate in the deliberations.
I won't bore you with all his crimes but one is that he has/had a mistress, which he admitted to, and was doing favors for a donor who hired the mistress so she could move from San Antonio to Austin where they all work. He apologized to his staff before the last election he was in for the affair, but then continued to do it and that's when the donor did the favor for favor.
His wife knows this and still supports him publicly because.....HE'S a MAGA REPUBLICAN. It's all about the brand.
Anyhow if you find this hard to swallow just go to youtube and watch the WFAA live version of it.
There are 31 Senators, 12 are Dems. So it will take at least 9 of the Republican Senators to convict on at least one of the 16 counts. Odds are not in favor of that happening.

Kelly in Texas said...

UPDATE: Our criminal AG walked and is now running that office again.
So in Texas now, despite the Constitution having impeachment in it, there is none if you're a MAGA republican.
You can only be removed from office by being voted out.